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Artist of the Month

Showcasing the work of artists who live and/or work in the area.

Patsy Chingwile - Every Breath You TakeApril 2017 Artist of the Month:
Patsy Chingwile


Art forms - drawing and oil painting


Patsy Chingwile received her Degree in Fine Art from the Alexander Mackie College, and then received her Teachers Diploma from Sydney University. Patsy has had numerous solo exhibitions over the years, the last one being at the Verge Gallery 2013.

Current Work:

Figurative oil painting. I love painting. I love my job - teaching children art - but I'm not really teaching them, I'm just assisting them to be the artists they already are. I also love doing my own painting on the weekends and in the holidays. I feel so happy when I'm painting. Looking for beauty.Patsy Chingwile - Sugar Sugar

I've always got a painting that I'm working on. I've always got a dress that I'm sewing as well. And a jumper that I'm knitting. But it's painting that is exciting. The other two pastimes are relaxing. Painting is being in heaven.

Patsy's became the art teacher at Leichhardt Primary by an offer to volunteer at the school when her children attended the school twenty years ago. In the beginning the school paid for one day a week, and the Parents and Citizens paid for the other day by having a fete, and it grew from there to five days a week. The P and C still pays half. Patsy feels that this is "a beautiful show of support for the arts to employ a specialist art teacher."


 Patsy Chingwile - Take a Look at Me Now

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