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The Bay Run

The Bay Run travels approximately 7 kms around the shores of the Iron Cove Bay and is one of the most popular harbourside tracks in Sydney, the Iron Cove 'Bay Run' is a social, family-friendly walk or run.

Following the entire natural course of the cove and never deviating more than 20 metres from the water, this flat, well-maintained track is also bicycle, pram and dog friendly, with lanes for walkers and cyclists clearly marked, where possible.

With the Iron Cove Bridges spanning the mouth of the cove, the Bay Run is an enclosed loop, meaning you can start and finish in exactly the same location. Popular places on the Leichhardt side to start and finish are King George Park, Leichhardt Park or Callan Park.

Map of Bay Run is shown below:

The Bay Run Map

Download the Bay Run Map (PDF 5.7MB) in PDF format. 

Speed signs bay runShare the Path!

The Leichhardt local government area has numerous walking and cycling paths, with the Bay Run being one of the most popular shared paths in the inner west.

To enable many different path users to enjoy the Bay Run, Council recently placed this Electronic Message Sign as part of our “Share the Path” campaign across the LGA. The sign is design to reinforce the message of safety by increase awareness about important shared path behaviour. 

So please remember to:

  • Consider other path users
  • Keep left unless overtaking
  • Ride at an appropriate speed
  • Ring the bell when passing other users
  • Move off the path if stoppedSpeed signs bay run