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Share the Path Leichhardt

Shared path logoShare the Path Leichhardt is a campaign to educate and increase awareness of safe and responsible riding and walking on shared paths.

Share the Path team members will be available at selected shared paths around the community to educate and increase awareness about important shared path behaviour such as:

  • Considering other path users
  • Keeping left unless overtaking
  • Riding at an appropriate speed
  • Ringing the bell when passing other users
  • Moving off the path if stopped

Please join us for information about cycling and walking around Sydney, a free bicycle tune up and other items to keep you safe and happy on shared paths.

Leichhardt Council is also running free cycling courses - visit our free cycling courses page for more information.

Share the Path coffee cart       Share the Path Person bell and bike       Share the Path Person    

Share the Path Leichhardt Dates

  • No dates yet - More sessions coming later in the year!

    Share the Path set up    Share the Path set up 2.JPG

    Share the Path Leichhardt Postcards

    Share the Path postcard

    Gracious Cycling Video from Sydney Cycleways

    The art of gracious cycling - Sydney Cycleways