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Cycling Routes

The Leichhardt municipality is a great place to cycle and features some of the most scenic locations in Sydney. Leichhardt Council is making cycling easier by creating a network of bicycle routes and where possible, making streets more bike friendly. Bicycle parking is also being provided at major shopping centres and on main streets to encourage more cycling in the area.

Further information is available in the pdf-new-icon.gifLeichhardt Bicycle Strategy (PDF 23.3MB).

Council is the process of developing an updated Bike Plan. A copy of the draft Leichhardt Bike Plan is available: pdf-new-icon.gif Leichhardt Bike Plan 2016 (PDF 22.5MB).

Leichhardt has more than 55,000 metres of bicycle area. This consists of a number of different route types - some are on-road and some are off-road, some are shared (cycle/pedestrian) paths, and others are mixed traffic where signage is provided to indicate to drivers and cyclists that cycling in the traffic stream is the expected.

Bike Routes in Leichhardt


Bike Route Map

Download the pdf-new-icon.gifMap of Bike Routes in Leichhardt (PDF 3.9MB)

Bike Routes in Neighbouring Areas

The following links provide information about riding beyond Leichhardt:

Cycling information on the City of Sydney website.
Cycling information on the Marrickville Council website.
Cycling information on the Ashfield Council website.
Cycling information on the Canada Bay Council website

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service provides information on their website at the Cyclefinder.

Bicycle User Groups

Bicycle User Groups (or BUGS) are a useful way of connecting with other bike riders and finding out what's happening in cycling-related news in your area.

Find information on your local bicycle user group on the webpages below:

Road Rules 

Riding your bike can have many health benefits, however it is important to understand the risks involved and to be aware of the road rules which apply for bike riders.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) has information to assist bike riders to become familiar with the road rules that specifically relate to cycling. As a bike rider it is also important to be aware of the rules which apply to you as a road user.

Read about the NSW RMS Cycling Road Rules and Your Rights at the Bicycle Info NSW website