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Leichhardt Oval 3

Leichhardt Oval 3Description: 

Leichhardt Oval #3 is located on the Bay Run. As well as having two junior football grounds in the winter season it is a great venue for events. The annual "Bay Run" starts and finishes here

Sporting Facilities:

  • Football / Soccer - Junior (winter sport)
  • Commercial Fitness Training Permitted

General Facilities: 

  • Floodlighting
  • Views
  • Water's Edge
  • Parking
  • Dogs ON leash at all times when Sporting Games, training and events are being conducted. Off leash at other times.



Maliyawul Street Lilyfield

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Dogs On and Off Leash Areas Map

Leichhardt oval 3 dogs map

pdf-new-icon.gifLeichhardt Oval #3 On and Off Leash Areas Map (PDF 2.8MB)