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Parks with Playgrounds


Cahill Street Playground, Cahill Street
Gray Street Reserve, Gray Street

Hinsby Park - widget
Hinsby Park
Between Piper Street North & Piper Street South, Annandale.
Smith Hogan and Spindlers Park
Smith Hogan and Spindlers Park
Taylor Street, Annandale.


Birchgrove Park - widget
Birchgrove Park
The Terrace, Birchgrove.


Curtis Street Playground, Mort Street
Goodsir Street Reserve, Elliot Street

Anne Cashman Reserve - widget
Ann Cashman Reserve
Elliot St, Balmain.
College Street - widget
College Street Playground
College St, Balmain.
Gladstone Park - widget
Gladstone Park
Darling St, Balmain.
Punch Park - widget
Punch Park
Wortley St, Balmain.

Balmain East

Illoura Reserve - widget
Illoura Reserve
Weston St, Balmain.
Origlass Park
Origlass Park
Nicholson St, Balmian.
Thornton Park - widget
Thornton Park
Darling St, Balmain.


36th Batallion Park - widget
36th Batallion Park
Mackenzie St and Hill St, Leichhardt.
Evan Jones Playground - widget
Evan Jones Playground
Styles St, Leichhardt.
Marlborough St Playground, Leichhardt
Marlborough Street Playground
Marlborough St, Leichhardt.
Marr Reserve - widget
Marr Reserve
Cary St and Excelsior St, Leichhardt.
North Street - widget
North Street Playground
Cnr of North St & William St, Leichhardt.
Pioneers Memorial Park - widget
Pioneers Memorial Park
Norton St, Leichhardt.
War Memorial Park - widget
War Memorial Park
Cnr of Moore St & Catherine St, Leichhardt.


Leichhardt Park - widget
Leichhardt Park
Between Lilyfield Rd and Glover St, Lilyfield.
Trevor Street - widget
Trevor Street Playground
Trevor St, Lilyfield.
William Stuart Playground
William Stuart Playground
Piper Street, Lilyfield.


O'Connor Reserve - widget
O'Connor Reserve
Elizabeth St, Rozelle.
Rozelle Common - widget
Rozelle Common
Between Foucart St and Cook St, Rozelle.