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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Fitness Trainers Information & FAQ’s

Since September 2009 Leichhardt Council has had a Commercial Fitness Trainers and Open Space Policy.

ALL Commercial Fitness Trainers require a permit
1. Why have a policy?

Commercial fitness training is one of the strongest growth areas in the Fitness Industry. Increasing numbers of commercial fitness trainers using public open space has raised a number of issues including: 
    a)  Equity of access issues - eg potential conflict with other users, management of demand, domination and monopolisation of areas and exploitation of public land by commercial operators 
    b)  Impact on Residents - trainers (especially with large groups) impacting residents with noise early in the morning 
    c)  Public liability concerns - trainers with insufficient insurance using Council’s open spaces 
Regulating the use of public open space by organised or commercial fitness trainers will assist in managing the above issues. This policy is also consistent with other policies and procedures applied for the use of public open space.

2. Is all open space covered in this policy?

NO. There are specified areas (& times) within the Leichhardt Municipality where Commercial Fitness Training is permitted. Please refer to the location maps and times
Note: Ballast Point Park and all areas in Callan Park (other than the Balmain Road and Glover Street Sporting Grounds) are not managed by Council > Contact the Office of the Environment and Heritage  

3. What activities are permissible under this policy?

     gym sessions (with or without weights, fitballs, skipping ropes etc) 
     boxing and pad training 
     organised aerobic activity 
     circuit training 
         running clubs
     a combination of any of the above 
     restricted boot camps (refer to policy document)

4. What activities are not permissible?

     Aggressive and intimidating activities 
     Activities involving amplified music or amplified audio (voice) equipment.

5. Who should apply under this policy?

If you are a providing fitness services activities and/or instruction to people on public open space and are receiving a commercial benefit then you must apply for a permit.

6. Who should not apply under this policy?

The groups mentioned below are subject to a different approval and booking process, these include: 
     Sporting clubs 
     Schools 
     Corporate groups

7. What are the conditions that I must abide by under this policy?

No commercial fitness training will be permitted in high activity areas and / or areas of cultural, environmental or natural significance. Specific areas where these activities are prohibited include but are not limited to the following: 
     Picnic sheds and benches (includes sandstone walls) 
     Exclusive use of public outdoor fitness equipment in parks and reserves 
     10 metres from memorials 
     10 metres from any playgrounds or play equipment 
     10 metres from any public change room, toilet or kiosk areas 
     50 metres from any neighbouring residential property 
     Any designated sports field or facility without a specific booking 
     Training on stairways and pathways be used for either static or repeated training routines. 
     Leichhardt Cemetery (Pioneers Memorial Park) 
     Using designated Commercial Fitness Sites 
     Council may nominate conditions during the life of this policy as it sees fit. .

8. Do I need to pay a fee for the permit?

Yes. If your application is approved. 
Please refer to the fees and charges section of the policy document.

9. How do I apply for the permit?

    1) Read the policy for Commercial Fitness Trainers. 
    2) Complete an application form and attach the essential criteria below: 
         · Current passport photo 
         · Current Senior First Aid Certificate 
         · Current public liability insurance which indemnifies Leichhardt Council to a minimum of $20 million. 
         · Evidence of being a registered professional with Fitness NSW (or equivalent) 
         · Attach any other supporting documentation. E.g., copy of your program/activities 
     3) Submit the application and pay the associated fees and charges. 
          An invoice can be done or by either Cash or Credit Card  or 
          Cheque payment by mail 
          Leichhardt Municipal Council 
          7-15 Wetherill St (PO Box 45) Leichhardt NSW 2040 
          *Cheque to be made payable to Leichhardt Council 
          Please allow a minimum of 10 working days assessment and processing time.

10. How is my application assessed?

Your application will be reviewed by Council Officers in accordance with the Commercial Fitness Trainers Policy to determine if you are eligible for a permit. You will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days after submitting your application.

11. When do I make my annual fee payment?

If you are successful, a Tax Invoice (specifying the appropriate fee) will be issued to you. Once payment has been made and confirmed, you will be issued a permit and an identification card.
Note: Once received, your permit identification card must be carried with you and be visible at all times when conducting your activities.

12. What does the permit identification card look like?

The permit identification card will be coloured coded with a photo ID. It will specify the name of the person issued the permit, the nature of the activity, the location where you can conduct your activities and the number of participants approved in accordance with the permit.
Your permit identification card must be carried with you and be visible at all times when conducting you’re activities.
The Leichhardt Council Rangers and other Officers may check your identification during their patrols.

13. What if I don’t apply for a permit? What if I don’t comply with any of the conditions?

On the first occasion you will be asked to cease activities and be advised to apply for a permit. On subsequent occasions you will be asked to cease activities immediately and may be issued with an on the spot fine of $1100 per occasion.

14. Can someone fill in for me under my permit if I’m sick or on holidays?

One trainer only may be authorised by Council to operate at any one time under the permit issued. However, the authorised trainer can nominate a replacement person in case of illness or leave. The trainer must notify Council within 24hrs of the scheduled session, quote the permit number and specify the replacement trainer. All trainers must be insured and eligible to operate under the permit as specified in the policy.

15. I need more information, who do I contact?

Parks and Open Space Planning Officers
P - 9367 9281
E -