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Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges for Commercial Fitness Trainers         


Sporting Grounds (max. 16 clients)

3 sessions or less per week                4 sessions+ per week
6 months       $422.00                            6 months       $632.00
12 months     $844.00                            12 months     $1264.00



Parks District & Local (max. 8 clients)

3 sessions or less per week             4 sessions+ per week
6 months      $216.00                         6 months        $422.00
12 months    $432.00                         12 months      $844.00


One on One Trainers (limited to one trainer and one client per training session)

Administration and Permit fee for 6 months or less     $173.00

Administration and Permit fee for 6 12 months                         $340.00

One on One Trainers fee includes access to all specified fitness zones within parks. One on one trainers must adhere to a code of conduct and are subject to permit conditions.

Trainers wishing to run both group sessions and one on one training sessions will only have to pay session rates as they are applied to group training sessions. No additional or separate charge will be applied