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Current Trainers

Leichhardt Council introduced a permit system in 2009 for commercial fitness trainers to use open space areas due to the increasing number of trainers using Leichhardt Council’s open space areas.

The rationale behind the permit system is for Council to be able to maintain an up to date register which:

  • limits the number of trainers at each open space venue at the same time
  • ensures trainers have appropriate insurance, professional qualifications and affiliations
  • limits increased wear and tear to open space area’s (particularly sporting grounds)
Having a permit also enables Council to keep in close contact with trainers.

Council encourages residents to only use trainers who have a valid permit. Council Rangers enforce the rules under the Local Government Act, not having a permit could result in a $1100 fine. Trainers using Council open spaces without a permit will be asked to leave.

Commercial Fitness trainers who have current permits can be found below.

Balmain health club logo
Balmain Health Club
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Crunch logo
Crunch Female Fitness
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Dangerously Fit logo
Dangerously Fit
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DPM logo
DPM Sydney Bootcamp
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Goddess logo
Goddess Outdoor Fitness
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Good Shape PT logo
Good Shape Personal Training
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Pram Fitness
Pram Fitness
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Roar logo
Roar Fitness
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Total Conditioning Logo
Total Conditioning
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