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Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013

The Leichhardt Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 and Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 commenced Monday 3 February 2014.

Leichhardt LEP 2013 is a legal document that sets the direction for growth in the Local Government Area (LGA) by providing controls and guidelines for development. It determines what can be built, where it can be built and what activities can occur on land.

The Leichhardt LEP 2013 is based on a standard format used by all Councils in NSW and is made up of two parts which can be viewed on the NSW legislation website:

The written instrument and maps should be viewed together to understand zoning and building controls across the LGA or for a particular property.

Leichhardt LEP 2013 Maps 

The Leichhardt LEP 2013 contains nine (9) different maps:


  • 1.  Acid Sulfate Soils Map – identifies the location and classes of acid sulfate soils
  • 2.  Additional Permitted Uses Map – identifies sites where additional uses can carried out with consent. 
  • 3.  Foreshore Building Line Map – identifies land located within foreshore area
  • 4.  Floor Space Ratio Map - shows the maximum Floor Space 
  • 5.  Heritage Map – shows heritage items and conservation areas listed in Schedule 5 of LEP 2013
  • 6.  Land Application Map - identifies Leichhardt Local Government Area (LGA) that is covered by LEP 2013 
  • 7.  Land Reservation Acquisition Map – shows the areas identified for possible acquisition by Council or State Government agencies and the purpose of the acquisition
  • 8.  Lot Size Map – shows minimum subdivision lot size for Residential zoned land
  • 9.  Land Zoning Map – shows different land use zones such as Residential and Business 

The LEP maps are divided into 11 map sheets. Use the LEP 2013 Map sheet finder (PDF 1.6MB) to identify the LEP 2013 map sheet number that will show the property or area you’re interested in.

After you identify the map sheet number, go to the NSW Legislation website to view the list of maps. This sheet number is the same for each type of map, whether it’s the buildings, floor space ratio, heritage or other type.

Please note Council has produced this map finder to help find the maps and is a guide only. The LEP and its maps are published on the NSW Legislation website. You should check you are referring to the correct map based on the information on that website.


Amendments to Leichhardt LEP 2013

Find the  LEP 2013 Amendments here


Areas within Leichhardt LGA subject to other planning instruments (not controlled by Leichhardt LEP 2013)  

Background information

For background information on the development of Leichardt LEP 2013, visit the dedicated draft LEP website.


The Leichhardt LEP 2013 above replaces the Leichhardt LEP 2000 (with the exception of the Balmain Leagues Club site) and the Interim Development Order No. 27 ( which applied to two properties). You can view the former Leichhardt LEP 2000 here.