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Footprints Film Festival


The Footprints Film Competition is back! Film entries open on Monday 5 June and close Monday 31 July.

Films must be no more than 7 minutes long and have an environmental or sustainable theme.

Shortlisted films will be screened in the ever-popular bicycle-powered cinema at the Footprints Ecofestival on Sunday 27 August from 11am–3pm in Whites Creek Valley Park, Annandale. 

The festival is free and open to everyone. Winners will be announced on the day—check out the great prizes below!


Submit Your Film

Terms & Conditions

  • Limit of two entries per person.
  • Entries open Monday 5 June 2017. Films must be entered by 11:59pm on Monday 31 July 2017.
  • Films must be no longer than 7 minutes (including titles and credits).
  • Films are scored by an independent panel of judges who decide which films will be shown at the festival and which top films receive prizes. Please note that only the most highly-scored films are awarded prizes.
  • You will be notified if you film is chosen for screening. Winners will be announced at the festival.
  • If your film is chosen for screening, you may be required to provide a copy on DVD, USB or allow us to download the film.
  • Entrants cannot be employees of Inner West Council, or family members of employees of Inner West Council.
  • Films must have a connection with the environment or sustainability.
  • By submitting this entry the producer acknowledges that Inner West Council reserves the right to screen this film at other Council events. The producer retains ownership of the film and may distribute it through other media without seeking permission from Inner West Council.
  • In submitting their entry to the Footprints Film Competition, the producer is confirming that:

         - They have permission to use all sound recordings and music in the film
         - All of the performers in the film have given consent for their appearance in the film
         - They have permission to reproduce all of the underlying works in the film
         - No part of the film is actionable for defamation or invasion of privacy or breach of confidence of any person

  • Films must not contain offensive language.
  • Films must not be of a commercial nature (i.e. of a fundraising nature, being an advertisement, asking for monetary donations).
  • This competition does not require that films are made specifically for this festival. It is required, however, that films are able to deliver some kind of message, idea or story, which relates to environmental or sustainability themes. The connection to sustainability, local or environmental themes should be briefly outlined in the space provided on your submission form.
  • Inner West Council will not be held responsible for any damaged or lost films.

If you have any questions regarding entering your film, please email or call 9367 9381.