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Footprints Film Festival


Congratulations to our 2016 Footprints Film Festival winners!

First prize was awarded to 'Affected' by Sean Bacon and Kym Vercoe, who won a $2,000 voucher for Photo-Shop-Studio in Ashfield; second prize was a $1,500 voucher for Glow Worm Bicycles in Marrickville, awarded to '2016' by Magriet Schuring; and third place was 'Sharing Culture' by Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius, who received a $1,000 voucher for The Source Bulk Foods.

There were also two highly commended films, which were each given a $200 voucher for Palace Cinemas: 'Endangered' by Lara McNally and 'Good For Us All' by Jeffrey Kessel.

Films were screened in our bicycle-powered cinema tent on Sunday 21 August 2016. Thank you again to all of the filmmakers!


    '2016' by Magriet Schuring

    In '2016' Margriet Schuring tells her future grandchild about the unbalanced, crazy and wonderful world we live in. The film hints at awareness and positive change - however, the lack of the voice of the grandchild suggests a less positive outcome/ future.

    'Affected' by Sean Bacon, Kym Vercoe

    2011 – 2015 was the warmest 5-year period on record with 2015 being the hottest year on record. "Affected" explores the themes of climate change and extreme weather conditions through the voices of local community members from the Pacific region. "Affected" is a reflection on trauma and the resilience of people under pressure.

    'Bower Repair Café Annandale' by Marghanita da Cruz

    The film shows how small appliances can be repaired, thus extending their life which makes better use of the natural resources it took to make them. It also reduces waste.

    'Endangered' by Lara McNally

    My film is about endangered animals in Australia. Lara McNally Age 10.

    'Good For Us All' by Jeffrey Kessel

    A zombie discovers the universal benefits of riding a bicycle.

    'No More Butts' by Edward Hart

    My film deals with the issue of cigarette butts not being properly disposed of.

    'Out of Date' by Louise Reily, David Nguyen, Olivia Green, Dan Duffy

    The short film 'Out of Date' revolves around the possibilities of a bleak future where vegetation is scarce and vegetables have become a rarity. The ‘super-food’ trend has gotten so out of hand that even the slightest mention sends shoppers into a frenzy.

    'Pick Up' by K.P.D. Shakya Prasanna

    Pick Up is the story of a naive schoolboy, Jimmy, who faces bullying every day from his classmates. At home, things don't get easier, as his alcoholic father can be aggressive towards him. When accidentally finding a gun, Jimmy has to decide if he will challenge his father and decide who he is a person.

    'River Camp Kidnap: Moree 1863' by G. Hoy, B. Spearim

    The abundant natural riverscapes of middle Gamilaraay country nourished and empowered generations of families to freely enjoy their own lands rich in law and language, until…

    'Sharing Culture' by Kim Mavromatis, Quenten Agius

    "The earth is our mother, she feeds us and nurtures us, and if we don't take care of her, she won't take care of us." Quenten Agius, Aboriginal storyteller, sharing culture and stories of his country.

    'The School Homework Show' by Teresa Ornelas

    Why isn't there a talk show for students to share homework just completed? Especially when what that student worked on and learnt could help save the environment? With the help of video production magic we can make believe such a talk show already exists. Enjoy!

    'The 'World's Biggest' Incinerator' by Lesley Watson

    My film is related to waste management and the desire to find a more sustainable means of dispensing industrial waste rather than the proposed "Worlds Biggest" Incinerator at Eastern Creek, Western Sydney. It looks at the potential local environmental impact of the proposed incinerator and touches on more favoured options.

    'Trove' by Edward Christie, Laura Jago, Davis Fang, Dennis Fang, Crystal Khoupraseuth

    Trove explores a lush, soggy, post-human world where nature is left to flourish and the hooded creatures that remain are forced to adapt to the elements. When the duo uncover a mysterious box, they fight to discover what’s inside, but only Mother Nature has the key.

    'Wundung' by Angela Canalese

    Wundung explores the idea that ancient Aboriginal knowledge (with its deep connection and understanding of the earth as the mother and provider of life) can lead the world into light. Wundung is Wiradjuri for wind. The message of the film breezes through the footage with the poetry of Michele Hetherington. It suggests that if the younger generation value and learn information from the elders, then "the past shall be our light".

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