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Exhibitions @ the Library


Fleur Stevenson Solo Exhibition @ Leichhardt Library

The paintings of Fleur Stevenson are on display at Leichhardt Library during November

Local artist Fleur Stevenson’s latest body of work is inspired by her recent move to and discoveries of the inner west. The series is a continuation of her exploration in constructing new built environments. Fleur’s works are created by giving form, texture and detail to the shapes of negative spaces between permanent and temporary objects to build up a new urban environment. The paintings are acrylic and spray paint on board and canvas.

Fleur is also the Inner West Council's Artist of the Month.

Wednesday 1 November - Wednesday 29 November
Leichhardt Library
Free exhibition
View during library opening hours

Image: Mullens


#photoaday Cuba by Bronwyn Richens – Travel Photography Exhibition @ Balmain Library

The travel photographs of local resident Bronwyn Richens are on display at Balmain Library during November and December

"Cuba is the flavour of the month in travel destinations right now. As it opens up to the world, and US restrictions relax, we all feel a sense of wanting to see it, experience it, before the rest of the world arrives. From the minute we announced our travel plans, we were inundated with questions and curiosity. We had our own expectations and assumptions. Cuba met and confounded them all!

My Instagram photos of our time in Cuba have been attracting worldwide attention and comment all year. People want to know what it’s like there now, after 60 years of socialism. They want to know about the old cars, the colourful buildings, the music and the people. My photos capture the light and shadow, the vibrancy and decay, the new and the old. Each scene stands on its own; an image captured in time. Together they tell my story of travelling through Cuba."

Join us for the exhibition opening on Thursday 16 November 6.30pm Balmain Library

Wednesday 16 November - Sunday 24 December
Balmain Library
Free exhibition
View during library opening hours

Our Winter and Spring Exhibition @ Leichhardt Library

The art work of Geogina Wood is on display at Leichhardt Library during December libreg-portrait-georginawood-5dec-250px

Emerging artist Georgina Wood lived in Australia and New Zealand for sixteen years before returning to live in the UK. She has lived in Sydney for the past 20 years. Georgina has an Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts from St George College, Kogarah, and completed a two month residency at St George after graduation, focusing on painting and sculpture. Georgina has participated in a group exhibition at Gaffa Gallery, been a finalist in the Greenway Project and has contributed to women's exhibitions at Tap Gallery. Georgina was an early participant of the Inner West Council Blooming Arts exhibition where she was able to display and sell her work for the first time. Georgina's current artistic influence is David Hockney.

Join us for the exhibition opening on Tuesday 5 December 6.30pm Leichhardt Library

Tuesday 5 December - Sunday 31 December
Leichhardt Library
Free exhibition
View during library opening hours

Image: The Yellow House