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Exhibitions @ the Library

Winter Dawn Ouvere Exhibition @ Leichhardt Library

The art work of 2016 Winter Dawn Artist in Residence, Carl Milton, is on display at Leichhardt LibraryDawn Fraser Pool Balmain - Milton

The Winter Dawn Oeuvre Exhibition consists of paintings and artworks that were either a portal to, a creative seed sown or a work manifested relating to Carl’s tenure as Artist in Residence at the 2016 Dawn Fraser Pool Balmain.

Like the alternating wave and particle process of quantum physics, Carl's work oscillates between representational imagery and intuitive subconscious depictions of life and energy fields.

Neural Dance - MiltonThe idyllic location of the Dawn Fraser Pool with its high horizon line and the ever shifting play of light upon the water provided ample visual inspiration for landscape paintings of Sydney Harbour, Dawn Fraser pool and Elkington Park. The solitude of the Winter Dawn Studio accompanied only by the rhythmic lapping of waves and a background cacophony of birdsong proved highly conducive to exploring inner pyscho-spiritual expressions of creativity. The source of some of which was based on emerging scientific and medical research imagery of consciousness.

Using the language of brushstrokes Carl creates landscapes and energy filled images that are intended to be meditative on a cellular level. Carl believes that a deeper understanding of one’s essence can be revealed either as an arts participant or visual consumer. Also of interest to Carl is documenting the unfolding and accelerating Anthropogenic changes occurring environmentally, including ocean acidification and coral bleaching.

Carl is a resident of the Inner West and affiliated with One + 2 studios in Rozelle.

Thursday 1 June - Thursday 29 June
Leichhardt Library
Free exhibition
View during Library opening hours


IDENTITY - Painting Exhibition @ Balmain Library

Children and young people from within the Chinese Parents Association – Children with Disabilities Inc. explore personal IDENTITY in this vibrant exhibition of self-portraits. IDENTITY-250px

This project is supported by funding from Inner West Council.

Tuesday 6 June – Thursday 29 June
Balmain Library Reading Room
Free exhibition
View during Library opening hours

Non-Linear Scribbles Exhibition @ Leichhardt Library

The artwork of artist, graphic designer and illustrator Matthew Lin is on display at Leichhardt LibraryNonLinearScribbles-250

A selection of roughs, inkings and finished works, Non-Linear Scribbles showcases Matthew’s various styles and techniques, from pencil and biro to computer and brush. The exhibition is a mix of commercial and personal work – both originals and fan art – with influences ranging from the worlds of Steampunk, fantasy and sci-fi with a heavy dose of Chibi Manga madness.

This is one of two exhibitions for Comic Con-versation 2017, with the other exhibition at Canada Bay Library. 

Monday 3 July - Saturday 29 July
Leichhardt Library
Free exhibition
View during Library opening hours