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Waste and Recycling

Leichhardt Council provides several collection types to ensure that the majority of wastes can be recovered for reuse or recycling and that the recovered materials are of the highest quality. Collection types are shown below.

General Waste
General Waste
What is collected in general waste
Recycling Service
Types of recycling and which bins to use.
The Bower logo
The Bower
A service to collect and re-home items you no longer want or use.
Garden Organics
Garden Organics
Fortnightly garden collection service information
Scrap it save it logo thumb
Food Waste Recycling
Start now! If you live in a unit that shares garbage bins you can recycle your food waste.
How and where to recycle your whitegoods and metal
council clean up couch
Council Cleanup
Details about the yearly Council Cleanup service.
Recycling Guide A-Z
Find miscellaneous items A to Z and how to avoid, reuse, recycle or dispose of them.