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The Bower’s Collection & Rehoming Service

Having unwanted items recycled, repaired or re-used has never been easier. Simply call The Bower!

Why call the Bower’s Collection & Rehoming Service?

By calling the Bower’s Collection & Rehoming Service first before placing your goods on the kerb for the Council household collection, you will be helping to stop your unwanted items from ending up as waste in NSW’s overflowing landfills.

Not only will you doing a favour for the environment, you will also be doing a favour for someone else for whom your trash is their treasure.

Contact the Bower Collection & Rehoming Hotline

Phone: 02 9568 6280 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)



What happens when you call?

  • The friendly Bower staff will ask you a few simple questions to determine if your items can be reused by The Bower
  • The Collection & Rehoming Service will then arrange a date and time for your items to be collected.
  • If the Collection & Rehoming Service cannot collect your items directly, they will refer you to one of the more than 1000 organisations, charities, second hand stores and recycling services.
  • You can also drop off your items at The Bower and have a look at the goods they have on sale in their store located at Hut 34/142 Addison Road in Marrickville. The Bower is open 7 days a week Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sundays 10am to 4pm.
  • You can call the Collection & Rehoming Service an unlimited number of times.

The Bower is an environmental charity that collects, repairs and sells preloved and goods. Leichhardt Council supports The Bower Collection & Rehoming Service.