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Recycling Service

Council offers a recycling service for containers, paper/cardboard and garden organics using separate bins:

Yellow Lid Recycling Bin - Containers

yellow lid bin

Items collected in this bin:
  • Glass: Empty bottles and jars without lids (Note: lids larger than 5cm diameter can be recycled)
  • Plastic: All rigid disposable bottles and containers i.e. numbers 1 - 7, except expanded Polystyrene foam no. 6 and NO plastic bags, or cling/plastic wrap)
  • Cans: Empty steel, aluminum and aerosols (remove nozzle)
Item not collected in this bin:
  • Polystyrene foam (e.g. packaging, cups, meat trays), plastic bags, or cling/plastic wrap
  • Biodegradable plastic (place in compost or garbage bin)
  • Coffee cups
  • Milk or juice CARTONS (please place CLEAN in the blue bin/crate)
  • Needles, lancets, and syringes
  • Drinking glasses, crockery, ceramics or light globes, mirrors, picture frames windows and glass plates
  • Paper and cardboard ARE NOT ACCEPTED in the yellow lid bin

Please take lids off • Rinse and flatten plastics and cans.

Blue Lid Recycling Bin - Clean Paper & Cardboard

blue lid bin

Items collected in this bin:
  • Cartons: Milk & juice cartons (spouts OK) NOTE: Tetra Pak® Cartons are not accepted at the recycling facility (Tetra Pak® is made of composite materials ie an aluminium liner in addition to the cardboard)
  • Paper: Newspapers, magazines, and phone books (window faced envelopes, coloured paper, documents with staples and glossy paper are all OK)
  • Cardboard: Flattened boxes (including empty and clean pizza boxes; egg cartons)
Item not collected in this bin:
  • Tetra Pak® carton
  • Plastic bags
  • Coffee cups
  • Polystyrene foam e.g. trays, cups, and packaging
  • Paper towels and tissues
  • Waxed paper/cardboard boxes (e.g. some fruit/veg boxes)
  • Cellophane and foil gift wrap

Remove plastic wrap from newspapers

Lime Green Lid Recycling Bin - Garden Organics

green lid bin

Leichhardt Council provides a fortnightly garden collection service for garden organics. Garden organics must be put out by 4.30pm on Sunday evening.

Items collected in this bin:
  • Leaves, prunings, flowers and weeds
  • Grass (avoid placing grass in the bottom of bins to prevent sticking)
  • Tree branches and untreated timber (no more than 150mm diameter) - must be less than 1 metre long and bundled with a natural fibre and left on the kerb
Items not collected in this bin:
  • Palm Fronds - are no longer accepted at the composting facility. Please tie and bundle with a natural fibre into 1metre lengths and place beside the green lid recycling bin
  • Plastic or other bags
  • Branches protruding from bins
  • Painted, treated or stained timber
  • Rocks, bricks or garden pots

Items not recycled by Council

Item not recycled by Council include:

  • Plastic bags; plastic wrapping; disposable nappies
  • Polystyrene and foam
  • Mirror and window glass, plates (crockery) ceramics, Pyrex
  • Light globes
  • Chemical items / batteries

Also read Leichhardt’s Council's Recycling Guide A to Z for further information about how to dispose of specific items.

See the Bin Information page for bin costs and details on how to apply for larger bins and/or replace stolen or damaged bins.

Where does my recycling go?

Council currently has a regional recycling contract with Visy recycling and 5 other Councils:

  • Containers e.g. glass, cans & plastics are taken to a Materials Recovery Centre (MRF) located at St Peters to be sorted into different material types
  • Paper, cardboard & cartons go to the Visy paper plant at Smithfield. Current arrangements for specific materials are:
    • No 1 plastic, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) - goes to Visy Plastics
    • No 2 plastic, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) - goes to Visy Plastics
    • Some No 3 plastics, Vinyl, goes to Visy & onto SA to be reprocessed or overseas to China with the remaining plastics i.e. 4-7 to be sorted
  • Cardboard, newsprint, magazines, paper goes to Visy recycling at Smithfield
  • Steel cans go to different steel manufactures
  • Glass is taken to Visy Recycling – St Peters. The glass then goes to Glass Recovery Services/OI Penrith who reprocess the glass to be made into new glass products