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Garden Organics

Leichhardt Council provides a fortnightly garden collection service for garden organics. Garden organics must be put out by 4.30pm Sunday evening.
Visit Collection Days for service information dates.

green lid binIn the bin with the green lid

The following can go in your garden organics bin with the green lid:

  • Grass, leaves & prunings
  • Flowers
  • Weeds
  • Garden clippings

In bundles on the kerb

Alternatively in tied bundles cut to lengths of one metre (3 feet) you can put:

  • Tree branches up to 150mm (6 inches) in diameter

    (includes living / non artificial Christmas trees)

  • Untreated/unpainted timber

Please tie bundles with a natural material that will break down e.g. rope, natural string or twine, NOT a synthetic or wire as this interferes with the machinery used in the composting process.

Items not collected in this bin

Palm Fronds - are not accepted at the composting facility. Please tie and bundle with a natural fibre into 1 metre lengths and place beside garbage bin
  • Plastic or other bags
  • Branches protruding from bins
  • Painted, treated or stained timber
  • Rocks, bricks or garden pots

Christmas tree and Garden collection information - Christmas / New Year 2016-17

Living Christmas trees can be recycled as part of your regular garden collection service i.e. tied in bundles on the kerb with natural material and cut into lengths of one (1) metre with trunk/tree branches up to 150mm in diameter OR via drop off to the Weekend Transfer Station green waste bin (fees apply).

Please note there will be no garden organics collection service on Sunday 25 December 2016 or Sunday 1 January 2017. Please visit Collection Days for details.

Artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable - but they are reusable!
Store your artificial tree from year to year or if you no longer want it ask a friend, neighbour, charity, local secondhand shop, The Bower or Reverse Garbage