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Food Waste Recycling

Scrap it save it logo pageAround 40% of the waste from Leichhardt household garbage bins is food waste which is currently sent to land fill, creating greenhouse gases. Diverting this ‘waste’ from landfill avoids these environmental impacts.

Avoiding food waste is the first step to prevent food waste in landfill. Find out how to avoid wasting food at the Love Food Hate Waste website.  Save money, time and eat well.

You can also compost or worm-farm at home. Find out How to Compost and How to Worm Farm.

Food Recycling Guide


Food Waste Recycling Service

If you live in a unit block that shares garbage bins your unit block can swap one or more garbage bins for food bins. Council provides free kitchen benchtop bins and compostable bag packs to make food waste recycling easy!

What do I need to start recycling my food waste?

Step 1:

Check to see if your unit block has a shared garbage bin room or bin bay and if a mobile food bin is already available. Talk with your Body Corporate / Strata or Building Manager or others in your unit block about how to use the food waste recycling service and / or if there are kitchen bench top bins / bags available in the unit complex.

If your unit block already has a mobile food bin and can provide you with a kitchen bench top bin and bags you are ready to start recycling your food. Visit the step by step Food Waste Recycling Guide to get started.

If you require a kitchen bench top bins and bags see Step 2 to order.

If your unit block does not have a mobile food bin (but does share garbage bins) please find out the contact details of your Body Corporate / Strata or Building Manager. Let them know you would like the complex to have a mobile food waste recycling bin and ask them to Contact the Resource Recovery and Waste Management Officer to discuss options for your complex on 9367 9227.

Important information

Council’s food waste recycling service was commenced in July 2008 so that people living in units could separate their food waste for recycling to assist in meeting the NSW government target of 70% recovery (recycling) by 2021. All eligible unit blocks had mobile food bins (swapped for garbage bins at a ratio of 1 food bin per 10 garbage bins), kitchen bench top bins and compostable bags delivered to them. It is important that the unit block retains the food waste recycling bins at the complex to encourage participation in the food waste recycling service.

Step 2:

If your unit needs a free kitchen bench top bin or a compostable bag pack contact Council's Customer Service on 02 9392 5000 to order or order online using the purple button!

Council also delivers the compostable bag packs every quarter throughout the year to each unit block for all units. Please note that the bins and bags belong to the unit and should be left on the premises if you leave so that incoming residents can start food waste recycling when they move in.

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Step 3:

See our step by step Food Waste Recycling Guide to start recycling your food waste.


Leichhardt Community Engagement and Participation Plan - Food Recycling in Multi-unit Dwellings 2014  

Prepared for Leichhardt Municipal Council, NSW by the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, Sydney, Australia

Leichhardt's  food recycling program has been in place for several years. Council commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures to develop a Community Engagement and Participation Plan (CEPP) aimed at increasing the tonnage of food collected in the food recycling service.

Read the pdf-new-icon.gif CEPP (PDF 5.5MB)