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Council Cleanup

Council holds general household clean-ups twice a year for disposal of damaged items only. No booking is required.

Dates for the Council Cleanups can vary for each Zone. Visit the Collection Days webpage to see on which two days these occur for your Zone. Council Cleanup days are marked by a red circle on the calendar. All materials must be placed out at the kerb by 4.30pm Sunday evening on the date circled.

For a fee-based service visit Council’s Weekend Transfer Station to arrange a special or extra collection. This is a quote-based service.

For items that are still in good condition, call The Bower’s Collection and Rehoming Service. You will be helping to stop your unwanted items from ending up as waste in landfill.

What is collected in the Council Cleanup?

  • Damaged furniture (secure doors)
  • Damaged soft furnishings
  • Broken blinds, toys etc.
  • Broken flower pots

What is NOT collected in the Council Cleanup?

  • White goods, car parts - Council provides a separate collection for white goods  (no car parts)
  • Computers & peripherals, TVs - drop off at the Weekend Transfer Station - FREE
  • Paint, gas cylinders, batteries, fluorescent lamps/tubes, out of date gas bottles, paints, smoke alarms - Visit the Community Recycling Centre at the Weekend Transfer Station.
  • Mattresses - drop off at the Weekend Transfer Station for recycling - fees apply
  • Building materials such as bricks, concrete, soil, sand, asbestos - visit BusinessRecycling for drop off options
  • Hazardous chemicals - visit IWC Cleanout or other options for  CleanOut

Please place items neatly on the kerb. Maximum 1 utility load (approximately 1.5m x 1.5m x 1m).

For further information about how to dispose of items not collected, read our Recycling Guide A to Z.