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Commercial Waste

Leichhardt Council offers a competitive Commercial Waste collection. Prices are listed below.

Collect and Empty

  • 55 litre garbage bin - $11.50 per bin
  • 120 litre wheelie bin - $16.00 per bin
  • 240 litre wheelie bin - $25.00 per bin

Bin Lease

  • 120 litre wheelie bin - $8.50 per bin per month
  • 240 litre wheelie bin - $9.50 per bin per month

Note: All prices are GST inclusive.

If you need a flexible waste service from Mondays to Fridays, please contact Council's Waste Supervisor before 11.30am by phoning 9560 6169.

Business Recycling

Visit Business Recycling for practical information including a list of service providers for business recycling materials.

Leichhardt has provided a list of commercial recycling providers below. If your business is in a complex or has other businesses close by, there may be benefits in sharing a recycling service.

Prices will vary depending on: your location; the number of services provided to businesses within close proximity; and the type of recycling materials.

Other benefits you may look for in a service provider include:

  • Educational materials, such as bin stickers/posters. Standard Recycling Signs can also be downloaded from the Department of Environment website 
  • Use of Australian Standard Mobile Bins that are colour coded according to the type of material collected i.e. blue lid for paper; yellow lid bottles etc (AS4123.7- 2006 mobile waste containers);
  • Provision of Occupational Health & Safety/Environmental performance details, including well marked vehicles with visible contact details; and
  • A reliable service according to your specific needs.

Commercial Recycling Service Providers

* Whilst all care has been taken to compile an inclusive list of providers this list is not exhaustive and Council advises you to also check the Yellow Pages Recycling website or check BusinessRecycling.

Commercial Waste to Transfer Station

Businesses may also elect to take recycling to the weekend Transfer Station. To gain access to the Transfer Station please provide your business card and/ or your *business rates notice to the Transfer Station Supervisor on your first visit. Details of your business will be entered into a database so Council will have records of your business for subsequent visits. Visit the Transfer Station page of this website for further details about opening hours.

Further Information

For further information visit or call the Hotline 1300 763 768 (9am-5pm) for useful information about reusing, recycling and appropriate disposal of waste items that may not be included in recycling/waste collection services.