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Minimising Waste

Avoid, Reuse, Recycle
The three steps to minimise your waste are avoid, reuse, and recycle!
Compost Revolution
Compost Revolution
Join the Compost Revolution, get discounts on bins and worm farm, learn how to compost.
Container Deposit Scheme Vending Machine
Container Deposit Scheme
A CDS is the solution to keep containers out of the environment.
Scrap it save it logo thumb
Food Waste Recycling Guide
Learn how to use your kitchen benchtop food recycling bin
Mulching Guide
Learn how to make mulch for your garden.
Natural Cleaning Guide
Learn about safe green cleaning methods.
Plastic Bag Free NSW
Plastic Bag Free campaign towards banning the use of plastic bags
Products for Purchase
Bokashi buckets and mix are available for purchase from Council
Recycling Guide A-Z
Find miscellaneous items A to Z and how to avoid, reuse, recycle or dispose of them.
Second Hand Saturday
Second Hand Saturday
A regular neighbourhood garage sale to help you reuse preloved items.
The Bower logo
The Bower
A free referral service for unwanted household items.
Worm Farming Guide
Learn how easy it is to create a worm farm. You'll be amazed how much they eat!