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Traffic Issues in Your Street

If you are experiencing speeding vehicles or high traffic volume issues in your street you need to write to Council with your concerns. This is the process:

  • At least three residents from the street should individually write/e-mail to Council regarding speeding or high traffic volume issues in the street
  • Council will conduct a traffic survey to determine traffic volume and speed levels in the street. 
  • Based on the survey results Council will determine if traffic calming treatments are required, a draft proposal will be prepared and forwarded to affected residents for their comment.
  • Council requires at least 50% support for the proposed traffic calming scheme from all the properties in the subject street before considering any approval
  • Council will then report the finding to the next Local Traffic Committee (LTC) for consideration and Council will advise residents of the outcome prior to the matter going to a Council meeting for consideration and adoption.
  • Should the proposal be approved at the Council meeting, the proposal is listed for funding in the next available draft Council Budget. It maybe 12 months or more before a treatment can be installed.