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Slow Down In My Street Road Safety Campaign

Slow Down In My StreetCouncil has been arranging a “SLOW DOWN IN MY STREET” sticker to be placed on your wheelie bins in order to bring drivers’ attention to road safety.

In NSW speeding is a factor in about 40% of road deaths. Speed is also the highest identifiable factor in crashes within the Leichhardt local government area. So we are encouraging drivers in your area to slow down when driving on your local streets. With the wheelie bins lining up on collection day, drivers will be alerted to the campaign message and Slow Down.

If you would like a sticker on your bin, please email Council's Road Safety officer, Chris Johnson at  or call direct on 9367 9000.

By working together on this campaign, the local community, Police and Council can deliver a strong message to passing drivers that speeding is not acceptable on our streets.

‘Slow Down in My Street’ is a local road safety project jointly funded by Leichhardt Council, and the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS), with support from NSW Police.


Why speeding is an issue?

Lower limits, less crashes

Leichhardt supports lower speed limits in built-up areas to help reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries. Travelling at lower speeds improves a driver's ability to stop and avoid crashes, especially in areas of high pedestrian activity. Where crashes do occur they are less severe, especially for children and the elderly

Safer stopping distances

Consider the example of one car travelling at 40 km/h, another at 50 km/h. Both drivers see a child about 27 metres ahead, recognise the danger and brake. The car travelling at 40 km/h will stop safely after 26 metres, avoiding the child. The car travelling at 50 km/h will take an extra nine metres to stop, and will still be travelling at 41 km/h when it hits the child.

Even a small difference in vehicle speed can make a large difference to the danger of serious injury. If a car hits a pedestrian at 50 km/h, the driver is twice as likely to kill the pedestrian than if the car had been travelling at 40 km/h

Safe stopping distances pictogram

40k Zones in the LGA

Leichhardt, like many other suburbs and towns across Australia, has been progressively reducing the speed limit on its roads making them safer for all road users. Many streets that used to be 60km/h are now 50km/h, the entire Balmain Peninsula has had a 40km/h speed limit for some time, and large sections of major roads including Norton Street, Booth Street, Johnston Street and Styles Street are already 40km/h.

Speed management signage