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Permits for Machinery or Vehicles on Roads and Paths

Permits for Vehicles on FootpathsTo have machinery on road and paths (e.g. concrete pump truck, mixers, cherry pickers, crane, scissor lifts) you must get prior approval from Council by applying for a Standing Plant permit as follows:

  • Complete the pdf-new-icon.gif Standing Plant Permit Application Form (PDF 136KB)
  • Prepare a traffic control plan indicating proposed signs, alternative pedestrian routes, traffic lane widths, etc.
  • Pay the permit fee applicable (refer to application form). This must be paid upon application.
The standing plant permit fee is for a period of two weeks. After this time the applicant is required to renew the permit, renewing it fortnightly from then on. 

A Minimum of five days' notice is required to process an application.
If the vehicle or machinery is to be located on or within 50 metres of a State or Regional road, RMS approval must be obtained. Contact the RMS Traffic Management Centre on  (02) 8396 1425 or (02) 8396 1425

NOTE: 3.2 metres minimum lane widths must be maintained to allow traffic to pass. If only one lane is open, Traffic Controllers need to be adopted.