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Street Furniture

Council maintains the local area's street furniture including benches and street bins.

Removal of litter bins

If you would like to request the removal of a litter bin please contact contact Council's Customer Service on 93679222 and a Council Officer can meet with you to discuss whether this is possible. There is a fee of $528 which applies to the removal and relocation of litter bins.  

To keep our shopping centres clean and tidy, Council and community require the placement of litter bins in our shopping precincts for the collection of litter. For Council to move a bin, an alternative location will need to be sought. Council will endeavour to find a replacement location for this bin and once a location is found, the bin will be moved.

Repairs to street furniture

If you would like existing street furniture repaired or replaced please Contact Council's Customer Service on 93679222 and provide Council with the address of the broken item of street furniture. 

Council will arrange to have the item repaired (usually with one week), or if the damage is too great, to have the item replaced (depending on availability within a few weeks). 

A Council officer will contact you and let you know when the works can be carried out.

Requests for new street furniture

Before any street item of furniture is installed, a Council officer will need to assess whether there is a need for this item and if it can be accommodated at this location.

If the item can be installed this can take up to 3 months if the item is not in stock at our depot as it will need to be purchased, fabricated and delivered to Council. Once it arrives it will be installed as soon as possible.