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Managing Graffiti

Leichhardt Council is committed to managing graffiti.  In 2010 Council adopted a pdf-new-icon.gifGraffiti Management Policy (PDF 1.3MB).  Maintaining our streetscapes is a priority so we can all enjoy a locality that is cared for, and feels safe for all who work, live and visit it. 

A major focus of the policy is to understanding the best practice methods for graffiti management with planning, design, protection and removal.  Council provides the following:


  • Removal of graffiti as part of regular infrastructure services, with a focus on highly visible and highly tagged spaces. 
  • Free graffiti removal kits to residents to remove graffiti from private premises. 
  • Advice to residents on how to reduce the likelihood of graffiti incidences on their property. 
  • Community and cultural development programs aimed at minimising the potential for graffiti to occur, while enhancing public space through art programs.

Reporting Graffiti on Private Property

We ask the community to report graffiti to the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

Before issuing our free graffiti removal kits, we will ask you for the reference number issued to you by the Police Assistance Line.

Reporting Graffiti on Public Utilities and Infrastructure

If you would like to report graffiti on public utilitities and infrastructure please call the following numbers:

Sydney Water - 13 20 90
Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia) - 13 15 35
RMS - 1800 816 770or 1800 816 770 
Telstra - 1800 773 080or 1800 773 080 
Australia Post - 13 13 18

Visit the Lawlink website for more information about graffiti management