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Garden Beds and Verges

Garden bed servicing and verge mowing is carried out every 20 working days.  If you provide Council with your property details, Council’s Streetscape Coordinator will let you know when this will be done.  Contact the Parks and Streetscapes Coordinator on 9367 9204 or email

Council has an average of 245,000 square metres of grass verge and footpath to service this includes grass cutting / edging / whipper snipping then blowing out materials to the road for the large street sweeper to pick up. 

Council also has over 200 street garden beds which are regularly maintained as well as the undertaking a full refurbishment of these beds in the cooler months as part of their quarterly works programme. This includes re-mulching and where required additional plants put into these beds.

Adopt a verge program

Residents who choose to adopt their verge will be able to choose from a list of locally endemic plant species which provide habitat and are drought tolerant hardy natives which are low growing and require little in the way of pruning or maintenance and are therefore suited to the street environment as verge plantings.  See the adopt a verge guidelines below:

  • For a street to be considered for the adopt a verge programme the footpaths must be a minimum of 2.2 metres measured from the kerb to the property boundary. This will allow for a 1.2 metre footpath to be constructed and a minimum of a 1 metre planting area. 
  • Only residences where the owner agrees with the guidelines and are willing to participate in the programme will be planted out. 
  • Species planted must be limited to those appearing on the Adopt a Verge Plant List provided by Council. Council retains the right to remove any plant that does not appear on this list. 
  • Plantings must include adequate access to road and footpath by means of a one metre gap in the planting every three metres along the length of the planting. 
  • Plantings must be maintained by the residents by means of pruning to avoid access problems for pedestrians using footpaths and vehicle-users accessing and parking vehicles. 
  • Plantings must be regularly weeded by the residents to maintain appearance and avoid the spread of weeds to neighbouring verges and gardens. 
  • Council will provide mulch to the residents as and when required to assist with the suppression of weeds and the retention of soil moisture. 
  • Council retains the right to remove and replace native verge plantings with turf if maintenance requirements are not met by the participating resident. 
  • Council does not provide  “Adopt a Verge” in concrete and asphalt footpaths to individual properties but this can be installed when Council undertakes footpath upgrading as part of the yearly Footpath Improvement Program. As part of this program Council carries out consultation with residents on the type of treatment that will be installed. If possible Council will install a grass verge or native plantings. Owners can nominate if they would like turf, native grasses and groundcovers and shrubs as part of the Adopt a Verge Program at this time.
  • In addition to the general guidelines above, Council retains the right to include site-specific conditions as necessary.