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If you would like to construct a new driveway you may need to first get development approval for the associated off street parking space.  Please read the Do I Need a DA? section of our website for more information.  Alternatively you can consult with Council’s Environment and Community Management Division to determine this.

If you have development approval or an existing approved crossing is being replaced you should lodge an pdf-new-icon.gifRoadworks Application Form (PDF 157.1KB) with payment of applicable fees.

If the application is approved, an engineer from Council's Infrastructure & Service Delivery Division will assess the site, undertake a survey and design, and if required, will send you a quotation with the following options:

  • OPTION 1 : Construction undertaken by Council at the quoted cost; 
  • OPTION 2: Construction by a private Civil Engineering contractor - under Council supervision and specification. (Council supervision fees are applicable.) The private contractor must have proven experience in the civil construction field and public liability cover to a value of $10m.
1. All quoted fees must be paid prior to commencement of works. 
2. Where applicable, fees may be charged for survey and design in accordance with Council’s adopted fees and charges. 
3. If construction is to be undertaken by Council, payment must be made by the applicant prior to the work being placed on a construction program. Generally construction will be completed within 4 weeks of payment.