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Streets and Footpaths

Council undertakes a number of activities to improve the cleanliness and amenity of the streets in the Leichardt municipality.  The majority of revenue from parking meters and infringements goes directly to maintaining basic infrastructure such as streets, footpaths, drains and sea walls.   

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Free Wifi
We now offer free WiFi in various locations around the LGA.
Graffiti management
Managing Graffiti
Leichhardt Council is committed to managing graffiti.
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Street Trees
Trees are an asset to any local area. Leichhardt Council has approximately 15, 700 street trees to care for and manage.
Verge mowing
Garden Beds and Verges
Verge and garden bed maintenance, adopt a verge program.
Signage types and times to replace and repair.
Street furniture
Street Furniture
How to request new street furniture and bins, details about maintenance and cleaning.
Street Lighting 2
Street Lighting
Report faults and problems with street lights in your area.
Driveways approvals, how to apply and do you need to apply.