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Workzone Parking

Work Zone parking allows a vehicle (usually commercial vehicle) to legally park in a street whilst approved works are carried out on the adjacent property. The vehicle must be associated with the subject property works.

To apply for Work Zone parking you will need to complete the pdf-new-icon.gif Work Zone Parking Application Form (PDF 106KB).
Allow at least six weeks to process this application as it will need to be reported to both the Traffic Committee and Council.


Fees are determined by location of the works zone, the length (minimum 9 metres) and number of weeks required (maximum 12 weeks). The fee must be paid at the time of lodgement.

$155.00 – Non-refundable application fee
Additional fees once approved:
• $717.50 Works Zone installation fee PLUS
• $26.00 per metre per week – Residential Zone
• $44.50 per metre per week – Commercial Zone
• $81.00 per metre per week - Parking Meter Area

(2017-18 fees and charges)