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Parking Fines

Leichhardt Council understands that a person who has received a parking infringement may believe that this infringement was issued incorrectly or unfairly.

Leichhardt Council takes photographic evidence of all parking offences.

The State Debt Recovery Office adjudicates and administers all infringement notices and fines for Council. This means that only the State Debt Recovery Office can waive fines.

The State Debt Recovery Office also acknowledges that under certain circumstances, a person may have grounds to request a review of the issuing of a parking infringement.

For more information visit the State Debt Recovery Office website and read the Request for Review documentation.

The State Debt Recovery Office Review Guidelines have listed circumstances which a person can rely on to request a review. They include:

  • You are the registered owner of the vehicle but were not the driver;
  • Vulnerable persons – mental incapacity;
  • Medical conditions/emergencies; 
  • Broken down vehicle; 
  • Deceased persons; 
  • Wrong vehicle; 
  • Emergency services directions, police arrest or witness; 
  • Broken Parking Meters 
  • Emergency vehicles, essential services, clergy/charitable organisation, corrective services vehicle, telecommunications vehicle, medical practitioner – urgent professional duty;

Request for review can be sent to:

State Debt Recovery Office
PO Box 786

Or lodged online at the State Debt Recovery Office

Further information:
  • Email the State Debt Recovery Office
  • Call the State Debt Recovery Office on 1300 138 118 (from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday)
  • Visit the State Debt Recovery Office website