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Footpath Parking

Footpath Parking is a legal form of parking where a vehicle parks partly on the street and partly on the footpath in a marked bay.

The Roads and Traffic Authority has given approval for Council to investigate footpath parking in association with 10km/h Shared Zones in various narrow streets.

A Narrow Street is a road where on road parking on one or both sides of the road restricts the free movement of vehicles (especially emergency and service vehicles) along the road. The width of the road is a maximum 7.2 metres from kerb to kerb.

More than 30 streets are currently defined by Council as ‘Narrow Streets’ in the Balmain, Balmain East, Rozelle and Birchgrove areas.

Council has approved footpath parking and 10km/h Shared Zones in the following streets:

  • York Place, Rozelle
  • Simmons Street, Balmain East