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Car Share Parking

Council has introduced a number of on-street and off-street Car Share parking spaces in the municipality. A ‘Car Share’ facility provides the community a cheaper option to utilise a vehicle without owning it.  GoGet currently operate this facility in the municipality.  

Once you become a member, you can simply book a car online or via phone. After the journey, you bring the car back to the same ‘Car Share’ parking space.  At the end of each month you receive an itemised account .

Contact GoGet on 1300-769-389 or refer to the GoGet  website for more information and cost of membership and rates. 

Find Care Share space in you suburb

You can find Car Share spaces in your suburb at the GoGet Find Cars webpage by typing in your suburb.

Council is keen to increase the number of ‘Car Share’ parking spaces available for the community in the Local Government Area. Please contact Council on 02 9392 5000 if you would like Council to provide new ‘Car Share’ parking spaces in your area.