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Inner West Council is partnering with the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) to provide respectful relationships training to local high school students.

Through an initial $15 000 funding allocation from Council, training in the ‘Love Bites’ education campaign will be rolled out in 2016 to 400 year 10 students at the Balmain and Leichhardt campuses of Sydney Secondary College.

Staff from local organisations will be trained as facilitators.

It is the start of a ground breaking partnership which will make the inner west a safer and more respectful place to live.

Council will help to train a generation of local kids to have healthy, respectful relationships.

This, in turn, should help eliminate violence and abuse from our local community.

The Love Bites training recognises that social development is just as important and academic success in schools.

NAPCAN has developed and delivered an evidence based model for the education of children and young people from 4 to 17 years of age aimed at developing protective factors to prevent domestic and family violence.

Council intends to develop a program that will see children in every child care centre, primary school, high school, church and sports club given healthy relationships training.

Scoping study final report

The initial phase of this project commenced in September 2016 with a scoping study aimed at identifying the extent of and need for Respectful Relationships Education (RRE) across the Inner West Council community.

This report presents key findings from the scoping study.

Inner West Council scoping study – Final report (PDF 654.8KB)