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Parks and Open Space Projects

Leichhardt Council regularly undertakes parks and open space projects to upgrade the facilities of its parks and open space areas.  Current parks and open space project details can be found below.

2-8 Weston St (Bell's or Fenwick's Store)


Leichhardt Council acquired 2-8 Weston Street, Balmain in 2004 from a private Developer who was planning to redevelop the site into private luxury apartments. 

Council’s aim was stop this valuable foreshore land from being lost forever and return the site to the community as open space.

2-8 Weston St is a piece of beautiful waterside land situated in East Balmain.  It has sweeping views of the water and harbour bridge. The building is currently a shell with no interior.

A Plan of Management for 2-8 Weston Street Balmain was adopted by Council on the 26 February 2008. The plan reflects Council’s vision for the site as community parkland together with new public toilets and a café/restaurant/gallery in the state listed heritage item Bell’s or Fenwick’s Store.

A DA for the cafe and toilets has been lodged with Council and is currently being assessed.

2-8 Weston Street Community Consultation Outcomes

A Question and Answer summary sheet in relation to this Development Application for 2-8 Weston Street has been prepared in response to some of the issues raised during the public consultations and the submissions received during the notification process.

Read the pdf-new-icon.gif 2-8 Weston Street Consultation Outcomes (PDF 60.7KB)


Birchgrove oval upgradeBirchgrove Park Upgrade

Leichhardt Council is demolishing and replacing the red brick maintenance shed and public toilets at Birchgrove Park and has lodged a DA for relocating an existing flood light tower. 

A Development Application will shortly be lodged for building works to demolish the red brick maintenance shed and former ladies toilet block at the park and replace this building with a new caretakers storage shed, accessible public toilet and equipment store for housing Gross Pollution Trap Monitoring Equipment.

Council has applied for an Accessibility grant through NSW Sport and Recreation for this project.

For further information on this matter please contact Council’s Senior Parks and Open Space Planner, Aaron Callaghan on 93679270 or email 

Read the pdf-new-icon.gifPresentation - Birchgrove Upgrade Meeting - 20 October (PDF 2.4MB)
Read the pdf-new-icon.gifMeeting Notes - Birchgrove Upgrade Meeting - 20 October (PDF 129.2KB)

Birchgrove oval upgradeBirchgrove oval upgrade

Birchgrove oval upgrade

Greenway Shared Path Upgrade along Hawthorne Canal

Council is pleased to deliver one of the identified missing links of the Greenway, an important urban corridor connecting Parramatta River at Iron Cove to the Cooks River at Earlwood. This section will link Parramatta Road to Marion Street.

The works will include new lights, increasing the shared path width to 3metres to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and rest stops for the comfort and enjoyment of users.

This $700,000 project is part of Council’s 2015/16 Bike Program.

Works will start in early June and take approximately 10 weeks to complete.

The works will be carried out in two stages. Stage 1 is from Marion St to Lords Rd and Stage 2 is from Lords Rd to Parramatta Rd. The path will be closed in these two stages during the construction works. Alternate routes for users are shown in the Detour Plan.

Detailed signage of the detour will be posted on site.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

For further information, contact Council’s Urban and Landscape Coordinator, Sandra Chin on 9367 9007 or

Amenities and Plantings

Greenway Amenitied and Plantings

Detour Plan

Greenway Detour Plan



1. Construction works will start in early June and take about 10 weeks to complete.
2. The entire path will be closed for 2 to 4 days in August for asphalting works.
3. Detour signage will be posted on site

Hearn Street Park

Council is pleased to be bringing you a new neighbourhood park at 13 Hearn Street.

The new park will have play facilities for all age groups and a BBQ and picnic area.

This $550,000 project is part of Council’s 2015/16 Open Space and Building Programs.

Works will start in late May and will take ap-proximately 16 weeks to complete.

We apologise for any inconvenience and ap-preciate your understanding on this.

For further information, please contact Council’s Urban and Landscape Design Coordinator, Ms Sandra Chin on 9367 9007 or email

On Saturday 25 July 2015 Leichhardt Council held the first workshop event in relation to the development of the new neighbourhood Park planned for Herne Street in Leichhardt.

Hearn Street Playground Upgrade Equipment


Workshop 1 Presentation

The workshop event was run by Council staff and was also attended by Councillor Linda Kelly.   The workshop event focussed on the project brief, key community issues, ideas and concepts for the new park.

A copy of the Council presentation presented at the first workshop can be accessed below as well as the consultation outcomes document.

pdf-new-icon.gif Presentation Hearn Street Meeting 25 July 2015 (PDF 586.1KB)
pdf-new-icon.gif Hearn Street Plans and Ideas (PDF 2.4MB)
Workshop 1 Outcomes

Key community issues rising form the first community workshop have been summarised below:

Group 1 - Top Priorities
Scooter bike track
Flying fox
Climbing structure
Facilities for family use-table chairs and BBQ facilities

Group 1 - Issues and Opportunities
Traffic calming and parking are key issues. Already very congested.
Traffic study required at McQuarrie Street and Parramatta Road. Close McQuarrie Street to through traffic at Albion Lane
Will help clam traffic at the front of the park Incorporate rain gardens on Macquarie street to irrigate park (deal with stormwater runoff).
Utilise large tree on site adjacent for shading the park and play equipment.
On leash dogs please. Address dumped rubbish in Macquarie lane this will detract from the proposed park. Native-Natural setting.
A name for the new park-further investigation required

Group 2 - Top Priorities
Security (foot traffic)
Neighbours fencing –should be secure
Street lighting
No hiding spots

Group 2 - Issues and Opportunities
Passive Recreation at front of Herne Street
Nice to have increased recreational space
Dog exercise areas
Having security considerations built into the design of the park not and adjunct consideration
Great to see this happening-it should have happened years ago –my children are now all grown up.

Leichhardt Council is now working on developing a draft concept for the new neighbourhood park which will be presented to workshop participants and other interested residents and future park users in late August 2015 (date to be advised) . Following the second round of community engagement options and formal costings will be presented to the October 2015 Ordinary meeting of Council for consideration in relation to future public exhibition.

For further information on this project please contact Council’s Senior Parks and Open Space Planner Aaron Callaghan on 93679270 or email

Shade Sail Program - Various Locations

Council is installing shade sails over the play equipment in six sites to provide a safe and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy. Work will start in mid-June and take approximately 3 weeks to complete, weather permitting. The playground will remain open while the works are being undertaken. These projects are part of Council’s 2014/15 Parks/Special Projects Program. The six sites are:


  • Pioneers Memorial Park, Leichhardt - completed
  • Marlborough Street Reserve, Leichhardt - ongoing consultation
  • Cohen Park Playground, Annandale - completed
  • Taylor Street Playground, Annandale - completed
  • Orange Grove Plaza, Lilyfield - completed
  • Bay Run Seniors Fitness Park, Lilyfield - completed

For further information, please contact Council’s Urban and Landscape Design Coordinator, Ms Sandra Chin on 9367 9007 or email

War Memorial Park Playground Upgrade

Council is upgrading the War Memorial Park playground.

The upgraded playground will be larger with better play facilities that will cater to a broad range of ages, it will also feature a new picnic set and landscaping.

This $145,000 budget is part of Councils’s 2015/16 Parks and Special Projects Program.

Works will start in mid May and should be com-pleted by the end of June 2016. We apologise for any inconvenience and ap-preciate your understanding.

For any enquiries, please contact Sandra Chin, Landscape Coordinator on 9367 9007 or email to

War Memorial Park Playground Upgrade