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Leichhardt Council has a commitment to undertaking regular maintenance in the area for its ratepayers and residents. Details about regular maintenance in your street can be found on the Streets and Footpaths section of the website.

Council undertakes regular maintenance of its shopping precincts in Balmain, Rozelle, Annandale and Leichhardt as follows:

  • Sweeping of business areas daily between 3am to 6.30am.
  • Cleaning of footpaths with high pressure water every six months.
  • Removing graffiti from business areas weekly
  • Removing posters from mainstreets Council twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Repairing reported potholes within 48 hours.
  • Repairing and making safe trip hazards within 48 hours
  • Watering Main street annuals in planter tubs twice a week
  • Replacing Main street flowers four times a year
  • Tending to all High Street garden beds weekly.
  • Emptying street litter bins daily.

If you think that an issue needs to be further addressed Council will investigate and get back to you.
Please report any requests via Council’s Customer Service number on 93679222 or Request a Service online.