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Inner West Council is strongly committed to supporting the development of a community which is inclusive of all of its residents, workers and visitors.

A key feature of an inclusive community is the extent to which it enacts strategies and actions to ensure that its citizens with a disability have equality of access across key domains which impact on quality of life.

In a cumulative benefit, improving accessibility enhances quality of life for the whole community.

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Local Access News
Good news access stories from our local area.
Community Facilities Access
Accessible Community Facilities
Find our community facilities that have accessible access.
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Access Committee
The Access Committee meets to discuss access issues.
Accessible Toilets
Accessible Toilets in the LGA
Find locations of accessible public toilets located in the LGA at the National Public Toilets website.
Accessible Parking
Acessible Parking Spaces
Find accessible parking spaces in public car parks and shopping areas around the LGA.
Access Awards
Accessible Business Awards
Yearly awards to commend businesses in the LGA that have provided exceptional equitable access.
Leichhardt Access Plan
Leichhardt Access Plan
A plan to enact strategies and actions to ensure that citizens with a disability have equality of access.
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Website Accessibility
Leichhardt Council’s website has been developed to ensure its content is available to the widest possible audience, including readers using assistive technology or accessibility features.