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eBooks - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about using eBooks from the Library

Following are a number of frequently asked questions about using the eBook collection at Leichhardt Library Service.  If you don't find the information you are looking for here and would like further assistance please call the library on 9392 5966.  Or if you have any suggestions for further topics to be included here email us at

Is there a charge for downloading an eBook?
There is no charge for Library members who wish to access and download a book from the Library’s eBook collections. All you need is your current Library card number (Barcode on front of card) and your password.

Do I need special software to download eBooks?
To print, download or transfer eBooks you will need Adobe Digital Editions on your computer or laptop, and Bluefire Reader or equivalent App on your smart device.

What devices are compatible for downloading and reading our eBooks?
You can find a list of compatible devices, applications and eBook readers here

When borrowing an eBook, do I need to save it to a computer first or can it be downloaded directly to my device?
The Library’s downloadable eBooks are able to be downloaded directly to any compatible eBook reader or smart device if it has an internet connection.
If you are using an eReader that does not have an internet connection you will need to download your eBook to a computer with Adobe Digital Editions which has been authorized with your Adobe ID and then transfer the eBook to your eReader. This is therefore not practical for the public access PCs in the Library.

Can I download an eBook to my device or eReader from a library computer?
This is not possible because the Library’s eBooks require Adobe Digital Editions to be installed on the computer and authorized to a personal Adobe ID to allow transfer from the computer to the eReader or device.

What is an App and why do I need one to read an eBook?
App is short for Application. It is a software program that is used on a smart device such as a smartphone, iPod, or tablet.
Apps are available for various uses (games, weather, newspapers, social media etc). They are also used for reading eBooks on smart devices that aren’t specifically eReaders. This means you aren’t limited, for example you can install the Kindle App on your smart device and read eBooks intended for Kindle eReaders.
Many eBook Apps are available the most common are for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. We recommend using the Bluefire Reader App for our Library eBooks.

Can I print from an eBook?
Yes, some eBooks can be printed but conditions vary. See eBook Permissions for printing conditions.

Can I access an eBook multiple times?
Yes, the Library's eBook collections allow multiple use of eBooks.

Can more than one borrower access an eBook at once?
Yes, there is no need to reserve eBooks from the Library’s collection.

What is the loan period for an eBook?
When you reach the download page for an eBook you will need to nominate your required loan period. The loan period can be from 1 day to 21 days. The eBook will expire when the nominate loan period has expired.

Will the eBook loan appear on my library loan record?
The eBook loan will appear on your record for 1 day, irrespective of how long you nominated for the loan period. The eBook will manage the loan period for you.

Do I need to return by eBooks?
The eBook will automatically ‘return’ when the nominated loan period has expired. There are no late eBooks and therefore no late fees associated with eBooks.

Can I renew my eBooks?
There is no need to renew eBooks. Simply download the eBook again. There is no limit to how many times you can borrow an eBook.

What happens to the eBook when the loan period expires?
The eBook cover will remain on your ‘bookshelf’, however the eBook will not be accessible. In Adobe Digital Editions an ‘’expired’’ banner will appear across the top right hand corner of the book cover. You will not be able to open the eBook and will need to re-borrow if still required. To delete, simply click on the title and delete.

I am unable to access an eBook. Can you help?
Browser and toolbar pop-up blockers must be turned OFF.
Do you have an internet security program (e.g. Norton Internet Security) running? It may need to be disabled. Users are secure while using these facilities.

Can I use the Library’s eBooks on my Kindle?
Unfortunately most Kindle devices are not compatible with our eBooks as they are designed to work only with Amazon products.

Can I suggest titles for the Library to purchase?
Yes, please give us your suggestions and we will make every effort to source the title from our eBook suppliers. The eBook market is still developing and it is not always possible to source eBooks titles for use in libraries.