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Local and national digitised newspapers...


The Sydney Morning Herald

The digital edition of The Sydney Morning Herald. The database contains all the newspaper content published from Monday to Saturday from 2006 onwards, with content updated regularly. Please note that the 2006 content is limited to only the News, Business and Sport sections.

Inner West Courier

The digital edition of this local newspaper.

Historic Australian Newspapers : 1803 to 1954

Digitised newspapers and more from Trove.

Google Digitised Newspaper Archive

News archive search searches across a large collection of historical archives including major newspapers/magazines, news archives and legal archives. Search results include both content that accessible to all users (such as BBC News, Time Magazine and Guardian) and content that requires a fee (such as Washington Post Archives, Newspaper Archive, and New York Times Archives). In addition to crawling content online, we've also worked with newspapers to digitize materials via our News Archive Partner Program. Through partnerships with newspapers around the world, the News Archive Partner Program makes unique and previously-unavailable newspaper content searchable and readable online.