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Balmain Walking Tours

lochist-people-balmain-wlktours-lrgBalmain – a suburb transformed – take a walk and discover more!

Transformed from a quiet harbour front village into a bustling workers suburb, the Balmain of cafes and boutiques we see today is vastly different from the shipyards, soap factories and Working Men’s Institutes of the past.

Grab your hat, sunscreen and walking shoes and discover a Balmain you may have never realised existed.

Here you will find our free MP3 audio files and accompanying map guide. The walk offers a snapshot of the peninsula’s industrial heritage and has been developed by Leichhardt Council with the input of community volunteers to celebrate the 2007 NSW Heritage Festival.

Map Guide

Audio Files (MP3 Format)


1.   Introduction and Working Mens Institute
 2.   Unity Hall Hotel - Loyalty Square War Memorial
 3.   Issy Wyner Reserve

4.   Ship Painters & Dockers Hall

5a. Morts Dock and Mort Bay Park

5b. Ballast Point

6.   Thames Street Wharf

7.   The Balmain Watch House

8.   The Colgate-Palmolive Factory

9.   The Adelaide Steamship Co

10.  Illoura Reserve