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Local History

Local History is a specialist collection of historical and current material that relates to all aspects of the Leichhardt local government area - the inner-Sydney suburbs of Annandale, Balmain, Birchgrove, Leichhardt, Lilyfield and Rozelle.

Family History
Trace your family's history.
Grants and Groups
Local History groups, grants process and projects.
Pioneer Park Leichhardt
History Week 2014 - The Great War
Full programme of events for History Week 2014.
House History
Property research resources.
Image Gallery
Photos, maps and subdivision plans.
LHJ Volumes 1 - 25
Leichhardt Historical Journal Volumes 1 - 25
Local Notes Blog
Leichhardt Library's Local History Blog.
Oral History
Through oral history the past comes alive.
Our Suburbs
Historical and current information on each suburb in the Leichhardt local government area.
Local History - Parramatta Streetscape by Emilio Cresciani
Parramatta Road Streetscape
Parramatta Road Heritage Streetscape Project by Emilio Cresciani.
People and Places
People and places of significance in the history of Leichhardt.
Transforming the Local
Transforming the Local
20 oral history interviews and access to sound files and interview transcripts.