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Our Energy Future

our-energy-future-solar-panels-vertical-banner-170x555Inner West Council is part of the Our Energy Future program, to help residents reduce their energy bills, improve comfort levels and improve their environmental footprint.

Through the new Our Energy Future website, residents, businesses and Council staff can access up-to-date and impartial energy efficiency and renewable energy advice.

You can also call the Our Energy Future experts for advice on bills, quotes, which technology to choose—anything energy related!

Energy helpline: 1300 339 915

If you want to know more about how solar works, visit the solar information page. The experts at Our Energy Future have conducted a rigorous procurement process in order to find a supplier and installer to recommend.

You can sign up online to receive an obligation-free quote or call the Our Energy Future team on 1300 339 915 to further discuss whether or not solar might be right for you.

The services Our Energy Future provides are:

  • Our Energy Future website
  • Energy helpline—1300 339 915
  • Referral pathways to different energy efficiency and renewable energy products
  • Information sessions
  • Workshops
  • Home energy assessments

In partnership with councils, Our Energy Future will be delivering specific workshops and information sessions. One of the main information sessions focuses on how to keep properties cool over the summer, without spending a fortune on electricity. As well as talking about the benefits of insulation, the session will also explain how to use windows, shading, ventilation and fans, whilst maximising the effectiveness of the air conditioner in order to keep temperatures down.

Our Energy Future is an initiative of councils in the South Sydney Region of Councils. It is the first project in the Southern Sydney Renewable Energy Master Plan. The ultimate goal of the Renewable Energy Master Plan is to significantly increase the amount of renewable energy produced in southern Sydney.