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Sustainable Living

Being sustainable at home, at work, and in the community is something everyone can do. Want to make some changes to your lifestyle but are unsure where to start? Here are just a few examples of how to save on your energy and water usage, make smarter choices when shopping, reduce waste and more.

Balmain Glasshouse
A program seeking to create a place to save seeds and plant an edible garden together
The Bower logo
Bower Reuse and Repair Centre
The Bower offers a free referral service for unwanted household items
Using Compost
Composting Guide
Learn how to make and use great compost
Cycling Routes - widget
Download a map of bike routes in Leichhardt; find bicycle user groups
Reduce your energy consumption and energy bill
Green Holidays
Enjoy the holidays while being sustainable! Options for a greener Christmas
Taylor Street - Street image of plantings
Home Renovations
Resources for green home renovations
Natural Cleaning Guide
Learn about safe green cleaning methods and how to make your own products
Plastic Bag Free NSW
Plastic Bag Free campaign towards banning the use of plastic bags
Recycling Guide A-Z
Not sure what goes in your recycling bin? Use our Recycling Guide A-Z
Smarter Shopping
Tips for smarter, sustainable shopping
Stormwater FAQs
Learn more about stormwater and caring for our waterways
Sustainability at Work
Tips for making a Green Team, starting a bicycle fleet, using sustainable office supplies and more
Sustainable Shopping Guide
Sustainable local businesses
Minimising Waste
Waste and Recycling
Reduce waste, re-use products, and recycle
Tips to help you save water
Worm-Farming Guide
Learn how easy it is to create a worm farm. You'll be amazed at how much they eat!