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Previous Leichhardt Sustainability eNewsletters

Sustainability eNews - 7 June 2016
Footprints Film Festival, Home Eco Challenge, Treading Lightly, Solar Sessions, Hollows as Homes, Bandicoot Study, Report Local Fauna
Sustainability eNews - Home Eco Challenge 2
Challenge yourself this winter and make a difference at home! The second challenge for the month of June is Know Your Waste with free cooking workshops, resources and great prizes to be won.
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 3 May 2016
Home Eco Challenge, Native Bees Workshops, Compost Revolution Workshop, SecondHand Saturday
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Home Eco Challenge
Challenge yourself this winter and make a difference at home! The first challenge for the month of May is on Sustainable Food, with free workshops, resources and great prizes to be won.
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Climate Conversations
Join us for our annual forum! Climate Conversations with Tim Silverwood on Tuesday 19 April, 6-8pm at Leichhardt Town Hall.
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 5 April 2016
Climate Conversations with Tim Silverwood, SecondHand Saturday, Compost workshop, Home EcoChallenge, Hollows as Homes, Long-nosed Bandicoots, Report fauna sightings
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 1 March 2016
Earth Hour, Gardening Swap, Plastic Bag Free, Ride2School Day, SecondHand Saturday, Climate Conversations, Wildlife Display for Kids
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 2 February 2016
Plastic Bag Free, Environmental Grants, Sustainable Schools Network, Container Deposit Scheme, SecondHand Saturday, Love Your Lane, Ride2School, Seed Library, Bike Care Class, Treading Lightly
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 5 January 2016
Balmain Community Seed Library, Summerama 2016, Battery recycling, Gardening for Kids
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 1 December 2015
Summerama, Green holidays, Sustainable Shopping Guide, Give the gift of worms, Free school programs, Teachers' Network, Environmental Grants, The Bower, Our Solar Future, Fox Scan
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Seed Library Launch
The launch of the new seed library at Balmain Library is on 23 November and will be introduced by Indira Naidoo!
Join the compost revolution!
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 3 November 2015
Compost Revolution worm farming & composting demonstrations, Earthbeat, Cornersmith, Free cycling courses, Sustainable Shopping Guide, Our Solar Future, Parramatta Rd Urban Renewal
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 6 October 2015
GreenWay Art Prize, Ride2Work Day, Aussie Backyard Bird Count, Glover's Community Garden Open Day, Sustainable Shopping Guide, Our Solar Future, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 1 September 2015
Big Bike Day, Share the Path, Free cycling courses, Indira Naidoo - free talk, Ride2Work Day, GreenWay Art Prize, Leichhardt Local Link, Green Day Out, Our Solar Future, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 4 August 2015
Your guide to the 2015 Footprints Film Festival and Footprints Ecofestival!
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 7 July 2015
Footprints Film Festival, Footprints Ecofestival stallholder applications, Permaculture in the Food Forest, Repair Cafe, Sustainable Shopping Guide, Our Solar Future, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 2 June 2015
Footprints Film Festival, Sustainable Leichhardt Shopping Guide, Ladies' Accessories Swap, Sustainable Neighbourhoods afternoon tea, Swap Shop with the Bower, Environmental Grants, Our Solar Future, L ...
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 6 May 2015
Draft Environmental Sustainability Plan, Sustainable Neighbourhoods, Community Orchard planting day, Ladies' Accessories Swap, Recycle household batteries, Business SMART, SecondHand Saturday, Leichha ...
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Draft Environmental Plan
Our Draft Environmental Sustainability Plan is on public exhibition from 1 April to 8 May 2015 - we welcome your comments
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Sustainable Neighbourhoods program, Water Savings Challenge, Energy Savings Challenge, Waste Reduction Challenge, Free workshops!
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 7 April 2015
Draft Environmental Sustainability Plan, Our Solar Future, Sustainable Neighbourhoods, Swap Shops at the Bower, SecondHand Saturday, Leichhardt Sustainable Schools Network, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Earth Hour 2015
Create candle holders at a free workshop on 25 March and celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday 28 March!
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Our Solar Future
Come along to our free public forum on Saturday 18 April 2015
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 3 March 2015
Earth Hour 2015, Ride2School Day, Leichhardt Sustainable Schools Network, Bicycle Action Group, SecondHand Saturday, Sydney Sustainable Living Festival, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Repair Cafe
Come along to our free Repair Cafe on Saturday 28 February 2015
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 3 February 2015
Food Forest opening, New Treading Lightly events, Clean Up Australia Day, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 6 January 2015
Summerama wetland tours, Art on the GreenWay, Food waste recycling, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 2 December 2014
Happy holidays!, Summerama, Share the Path, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 7 November 2014
Free Repair Cafe!, Walk to Work Day, Baby & Kids' Clothing & Toy Swap, Food waste recycling, Compost Revolution
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 7 October 2014
Ride2Work Day, Food waste recycling, Compost Revolution, Free Repair Cafe, Battery drop-off at Balmain Library, Solar energy on Council buildings
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 2 September 2014
Big Bike Day, Free cycling courses, Share the Path, Spring Cycle
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 6 August 2014
10-year Environmental Sustainability Plan, Mark Diesendorf @ Balmain Library TONIGHT 6 Aug., Footprints Ecofestival, Footprints Film Festival, Footprints Clothing Swap, GreenWay Art Project, Big Bike ...
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 1 July 2014
Treading Lightly, Footprints Film Festival, Clothing Swap, SMART program
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 3 June 2014
Free Book & DVD Swap, Footprints Film Festival, Footprints Ecofestival, Environmental Grants, Share the Path
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 6 May 2014
Say NO to plastic bags, Book, CD & DVD Swap, New solar panels, SecondHand Saturday
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 2 April 2014
Bushcare carbon offsetting scheme, Kids' Recycled Art, Worm Farm workshop, SecondHand Saturday, Balmain Glasshouse
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 4 March 2014
Celebrate Earth Hour, Free clothing swap, Sustainable City Living, Tips for home and work
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 10 February 2014
Treading Lightly 2014, FREE event - Sustainable City Living, Environmental Grants, Bower Reuse & Repair, SMART businesses
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 22 November 2013
Happy holidays!, Summerama is back, Treading Lightly 2014, Leichhardt Business SMART, Carbon Neutral Council
Cycling Routes - widget
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 3 September 2013
Big Bike Day 2013, Cycling in Leichhardt, Footprints Film competition winners!
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 6 August 2013
Footprints Ecofestival, Footprints Film Festival, Footprints Clothing Swap, Ecofestival map, Getting to the festival, Workshops timetable, Mainstage program
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 10 July 2013
Our Energy Future, Leichhardt Business SMART, LPAC cogeneration, Film submissions
Film Fest phone
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 17 June 2013
Environmental Grants, Footprints Film Festival, Stallholder EOI
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 29 May 2013
Food for the Future, Kid's Toy & Clothing Swap, NEW Treading Lightly calendar of events, Footprints Ecofestival
Earth Hour thumb
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - Earth Hour 2013
Celebrate Earth Hour 2013, Go beyond Earth Hour, Treading Lightly Workshops
Climate Change Plan Workshop - Rainbow over Leichhardt Town Hall
Leichhardt Sustainability eNews - 15 February 2013
Leichhardt Climate Change Plan on Public Exhibition, Leichhardt Council wins prestigious Excellence in Environment Award 2012, Johnston's Creek Active LED Lighting Project, Treading Lightly