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Sustainable Transport


This theme reports on Council’s strategic planning for, and initiatives to develop, sustainable modes of transport.


Located to the immediate west of the Sydney CBD, Leichhardt is impacted by high levels of through-traffic and congestion, but also enjoys the benefits of frequent public transport. Proximity to the city and our dense urban fabric provide opportunities for non-motorised, active transport. NSW State Government projects – including the Inner West Light Rail extension, enhanced bus and ferry services and the GreenWay cycle corridor – aim to alleviate the through-traffic burden and encourage active transport alternatives.

At 29% of LGA population, Leichhardt has a higher use of public transport for work purposes than greater Sydney (20%) and NSW (14%), with 75.5% of the Leichhardt Council area’s working residents travelling outside of the area to work. Approximately 21% of all commuter trips for work are by bus (compared with 5.8% for greater Sydney), 4.6% by train (compared with 13.8% for greater Sydney) and 2.8% by bicycle (compared with 0.8% for greater Sydney). However, private-car use remains the preferred mode of transport accounting for nearly 44% (compared with 58.3% for greater Sydney) of all commuter trips for work. A recent community health report suggests that only 56% of Leichhardt residents participate in adequate physical activity and walking to work accounts for a mere 5.2% of commute-to-work trips. To encourage further use of active transport and reduce private car dependency, Council is developing pedestrian and cycle networks and has prepared a Draft Integrated Transport Strategy.

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Leichhardt’s Draft Integrated Transport Plan (ITP)

Leichhardt’s (Draft) Integrated Transport Plan – aims to foster environmental improvements by reducing private car dependency for all travel. This will be achieved by strategic actions that increase active and public transport alternatives (walking, cycling, bus, train, ferry). The goal is supported by actions that encourage changes in travel behaviour and community attitudes. In 2012-13, ITP initiatives included community consultation and exhibition of the draft Plan, and liaison with relevant agencies.

Inner West Light Rail Extension

The Inner West Light Rail Extension is a NSW State government initiative, aimed at extending the current light rail network from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill, increasing the public transport options for the Inner West. Construction of the Inner West Light Rail Extension is on track for services to start in early 2014. Work is underway on all nine of the new light rail stops.

A Revegetation and Biodiversity Compensation and Monitoring Package is being developed in consultation with key stakeholders including the Office of Environment and Heritage, Councils, the GreenWay Sustainability Project, the GreenWay Steering Committee and the Inner West Environment Group. The Package will include details of measures that will be used to facilitate fauna movements and to compensate for vegetation loss.

GreenWay Sustainability Project

greenway-soeThe GreenWay Sustainability Project was a $1.83 million project funded by the NSW Environmental Trust focused on working towards the vision of the GreenWay. The Project was a partnership between Ashfield, Leichhardt, Marrickville and Canterbury Councils which started in 2009 and concluded in September 2012. While the GreenWay Sustainability Project has now finished, the partner councils are still working together to achieve the GreenWay vision. The councils have committed to an ongoing GreenWay Program which includes the funding of a GreenWay Place Manager. In 2012-13, the Place Manager position was filled.

Narrow Streets Programme

The following streets had upgraded line marking:

  • Foucart Street, Rozelle
  • Phillip Street, Balmain
  • Short Street, Balmain
  • Spring Street, Balmain

The above measures have resulted in a safer pedestrian environment as these streets have been converted to 10km/h Shared Zones and traffic calmed to provide a reduced vehicular travel speed environment to encourage walking.


In October 2012 the NSW Government announced the launch of a study into the viability of the WestConnex as recommended by Infrastructure NSW, a key motorway project for Sydney's west. The 33 kilometre WestConnex proposal includes widening of the M4 motorway from Granville to Homebush, a tunnel from Homebush to the M5 via St Peters and the airport, and duplication of the M5 East to King Georges Road. Communities and stakeholders were invited to participate in a survey to provide the WestConnex Communications and Community Engagement team with an understanding of how they want to receive information, discuss issues, share values and engage with the project team. In 2012-13, the economic and business viability study commenced.

Updating the 2007 Bicycle Strategy

Council has committed to updating the current Leichhardt Bicycle Strategy 2007, with budgeting and consultants under consideration for the strategic plan review and development.

Bicycle Facilities & Promotion Initiatives 2012-2013

Cycling Routes - widgetCouncil adopted the Leichhardt Bicycle Strategy in April 2007, with approximately $400 million of identified projects, and has already implemented a majority of the length of the more strategic bike routes. The following bike infrastructure and promotion projects commenced or were completed in 2012/13:

  • Johnston’s Creek Canal cycleway upgrade and Spindlers Park path improvements, Annandale, completed February 2013.
  • O’Connor Reserve off-road cycleway, public consultation in May 2013.
  • City West Link, at the Crescent and Brenan Street, concrete footpath completed in 2013.
  • Bay Run directional signs, bollards and line markings (between Canal Road and Glover Street), works scheduled for latter 2013.

Several projects were completed in 2012-13 to enhance bicycle safety, including logos on roads and warning signs. The locations of completed works include:

  • Ballast Point Road, Birchgrove
  • Cecily and Denison Streets, Lilyfield
  • Reynolds, Wortley and Palmer Streets, Balmain
  • Glover and Mary Streets, Lilyfield
  • Campbell, Wells and Trouton Streets, Balmain
  • Birchgrove and Louisa Roads, Birchgrove
  • Regent, Carlisle and Short Streets, Leichhardt
  • Elswick Street, Leichhardt

Bicycle Parking – over the 2012/13 period, $10 000.00 was budgeted for installation of bike parking facilities at various locations along Norton and Darling Streets, outside community centres, schools and public buildings. Over the reporting period, approximately 17 public bike parking racks were installed.

Accessibility Treatments – in 2012-13, various accessibility treatments at traffic intersections were planned, including contra-flows, line markings and lane access measures, pending Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) approval.

Bicycle Network Works: 12.615 km of Bicycle-related works were completed by Council in 2012/13.

Education Promotional / Campaigns:

  • Council has been actively involved in the Big Bike Day event since 2003 and supported the event in 2012. Council has also created a bicycle fleet for Leichhardt Council staff to promote cycling. 
  • “Out and About” Map of the Local Government Area shows the planned cycle network as well as information on public transport and walking with the LGA. Council has also participated in Ride2Work day in 2012 and supported events such as the Balmain Tigers Centenary with valet parking for cycles. 
  • Council has also undertaken annual bicycle counts to monitor the growth of cycling since the adoption of the 2007 Bike Plan, including the annual Super Tuesday count.
Future Projects

Bicycle plan and related projects to be undertaken in 2013/14:

  • Contra-flow lane – McCleer Street
  • Lilyfield Road – new line marking between James Street & Victoria Road 
  • Robert Street / Mullens Street intersection
  • King George Park Foreshore (Bay Run)Catherine Street, Lilyfield – Contra-flow bike lane and traffic signal adjustments
  • O'Connor Reserve off-road cycleway
  • Directional signage – Callan Park
  • Johnston Street Flagship Route
  • Behavioural Program – share the Road
  • Behavioural Program – Lead with the Left
  • Bike Survey Annual Local Government Bike Participation Survey
  • Behavioural Program – Active Transport Maps
Active Transport Initiatives 2012-2013

The Council Administration Building includes amenities to encourage staff to take up active transport (cycling) when commuting to/from work. Council’s Bike Fleet Program, which provides incentives for bike purchases as well as making available at least two bikes for staff to use during working hours, is being reviewed with the goal of increasing participation.

Public Transport Initiatives 2012-2013

Car Share Facilities:
In 2012-13, Council installed 3 additional public car share parking spaces, including one on-street and two off-street spaces for car share:

  • On-street at Rose Street, Annandale
  • Off-street at Beattie Street Carpark, Balmain
  • Off-street at Gallimore Ave. Carpark, Balmain East

Transport Access Guides and Publications:

Transport Access Guides for Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, Balmain Town Hall and Library, Leichhardt Pool and Aquatic Centre and Leichhardt Town Hall have been located in central locations and on Council's website and are provided to new residents.