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A brief summary of Whites Creek wetland
How it Started
Background from Friends of the Earth
How it Works
How the wetland cleans stormwater through natural filtration
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
What Lives Here
Diversity of plants and animals living in the wetland

White Creek Wetland ToursLeichhardt is fortunate to have its own wetland at Whites Creek in Annandale. The Whites Creek Wetland is a perfect place for a reflective stroll and a wonderful example of how a man-made habitat can become a thriving ecosystem, home to numerous plants and animals. 

This wetland performs a number of important ecological functions, such as filtering stormwater before it reaches Rozelle Bay and Sydney Harbour and providing a freshwater habitat for a number of species including long-necked turtles, frogs, native fish, numerous insects and other aquatic organisms. Many different species of bird also inhabit the wetland and surrounding area.

Wetland Education Programs

Leichhardt offers wetland education programs for primary school students. These are free of charge for schools in the Leichhardt LGA.

To schedule a tour or for more information, please fill out this form or contact Council's Sustainability Engagement Officer on 02 9367 9381 or by emailing

For information on other school programs on offer, visit the Education Programs section of our website.

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