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Apple Berry

Billardiera scandens

Slender climber with edible fruits, common in woodland on both clay and sandstone soils. More information on the Apple Berry at Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Dusky Coral Pea

Dusky Coral Pea

Kennedia rubicunda
A robust twiner with large, red pea-flowers, three-lobed leaves, and stems several metres long. Will grow well in most places. Indigenous peoples sucked nectar from the flowers and used the stems as string. More information on Dusky Coral Pea at Plantnet.

Yeloow Guinea Flower

Golden Guinea Vine

Hibbertia scandens
A vigorous climber, with large golden-yellow flowers. It can grow 2-5m in length. Flowers occur throughout the year and are most common in late spring and summer. Although they will grow in partial shade, flowers grow best in full sun. This vine tolerates a wide range of climates and growing conditions. More information on the Golden Guinea Vine at Wikipedia.

Love Creeper

Glycine microphylla
A slender twiner that grows well in moist shaded areas in better soil. Usually found growing in undergrowth and grass areas. The flowers vary in colour but are mostly mauve. More information on the Love Creeper at Plantnet.

Native Wisteria

Native Wisteria

Hardenbergia violacea
A hardy, evergreen climber. Has dark green leaves and produces a mass of dark purple pea flowers in winter/spring. Also known as False Sarsaparilla, or Purple Coral Pea. In cultivation, Hardenbergia flowers best in full sun and needs well drained soil. For compact growth and even fence coverage, prune regularly after flowering. More information on Native Wisteria at Florabank.

Old Mans Beard

Old Mans Beard

Clematis aristate
A vigorous, twining climber with masses of white flowers in spring. Common in sandstone gullies and in forests of clay. Will grow in well-drained, sunny or semi-shaded positions. Ideal for covering fences but will grow as a ground cover if trees are absent. More information on Old Mans Beard at Plantnet.

Wonga Wonga Vine

Wonga-Wonga Vine

Pandorea pandorana 
A vigorous climber, common in many situations on both sandstone and clay soils. Will grow in full sun to partial shade. Prefers a reliable water supply, but once established will tolerate extended dry periods. Propagation can be carried out easily from either seeds or cuttings. More information on Wonga-Wonga Vine at Wikipedia.