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Bushcare Carbon Offsetting Scheme

Welcome to Leichhardt Council's Bushcare Carbon Offsetting Scheme and Virtual Revegetation Project!


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Starting in July 2012, $1 has been contributed to a carbon offsetting scheme for every hour of bushcare work carried out by every volunteer on Council supported projects in the Leichhardt LGA. The money is invested in projects in Australia and overseas that build a long-term solution to climate change. These include renewable energy and native revegetation projects.

Our investment in these projects is achieved by purchasing carbon offsets in the voluntary carbon market from companies that offer high quality offsets that are independently verified.

In the voluntary carbon market, carbon is purchased by the tonne. When we purchase a tonne of carbon offsetting from an accredited offset provider, the money we invest is used to provide services calculated to either capture a tonne of carbon (e.g. native revegetation) or to avoid the release of a tonne of carbon into the atmosphere (e.g. renewable energy production).

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One of the benefits of native revegetation is its ability to capture carbon. As it grows, a bushland revegetation site captures and stores carbon, thereby reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Bushland revegetation is therefore a practical means of responding to the problem of climate change.

Capturing significant amounts of carbon by means of bushland revegetation requires, however, very large areas of land to be revegetated. In the Leichhardt area we simply do not have enough land available for this purpose. However, by investing in projects that either capture atmospheric carbon or prevent greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, we can provide a result equivalent to broadacre revegetation in terms of carbon storage.

The virtual revegetation project is a means of graphically tracking the progress of the Bushcare Carbon Offsetting Scheme. Every tonne of carbon offsetting we purchase is represented on a virtual revegetation map as an area of native revegetation calculated to store a tonne of carbon. The aim of the virtual revegetation project is to virtually revegetate all of the parkland within the Leichhardt local government area!

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The Bushcare Carbon Offsetting Scheme provides a means for you to offset your personal carbon footprint. For every hour you work on one of our bushcare projects, $1 worth of carbon offsetting will be purchased on your behalf.

For example, a volunteer who contributes 4 hours of labour per week for 11 months of the year will have $188 per year contributed to the fund on their behalf. This will be used to offset approximately 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is roughly equivalent to the total carbon emissions produced by an average Australian citizen per year.

Volunteers with less time who regularly attend a monthly bushcare working bee only (28 hrs per year) will have $28 per year contributed on their behalf to the fund, which equates to around 4 tonnes of carbon offsetting. This is sufficient to offset the emissions produced per year by an average car.

So, in addition to the important local benefits provided by our community bushcare projects, your participation will be making an effective contribution to solving our most pressing global environmental challenge: climate change.

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If you would like to become a bushcare volunteer, please contact Council’s Biodiversity Officer at