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Biodiversity and Bushcare

Biodiversity is the measure of health of the natural ecosystems in a particular area. The Leichhardt area has diverse flora and fauna even though the original native flora and fauna communities within the area have been extensively modified as a result of urban development. The following information is provided to give an understanding of the local biodiversity.


Report Local Fauna
Help us keep track of animals living in our local area
Habitat Stepping Stones
Sign up and create a habitat stepping stone between existing wildlife corridors in Sydney.
Local Flora - Native Wisteria
Local Flora
Local climbers, ferns, grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees
Local Fauna
Local birds, reptiles, frogs and mammals
Local wetlands
Local Wetland
Learn more about Leichhardt's local wetland at Whites Creek
Weeds - Morning Glory
Weeds found in Leichhardt Council area
Community Nursery
Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery
Bushcare programs
Bushcare Programs
Local bushcare programs and volunteering opportunities
Bushcare Carbon Offset Project
Bushcare Carbon Offsetting Scheme
$1 is contributed for every hour of bushcare work by each volunteer
Fox Scan
Fox Scan
A new fox mapping website to assist with the management of foxes.
Hollows as Homes
A citizen science project to collect info and raise awareness about tree hollows in urban areas
Long-nosed Bandicoot Study
Have you seen a Long-nosed Bandicoot in Sydney’s Inner West?