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There are a number of volunteering opportunities available in our local community.  Below are a range of volunteering opportunities available. 


Council supports a community volunteer bushcare programme, with regular working bees held at several sites in the Leichhardt area. These groups meet and carry out bushcare activities on set days and locations.

  • Elkington Park Bushcare
  • Balmain High Bushcare 
  • White’s Creek Bushcare
  • Callan Park Bushcare
  • Rozelle Bay Community Native Nursery
  • Mort Bay Park Bushcare

Visit the Bushcare page for more information on dates and contacts for each bushcare group.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a great place to volunteer!

Find out the benefits of growing food in your local community - reduce waste by picking what you need (no packaging required!) create soil conditioner by composting food scraps, increase fitness/health, meet new friends and develop sustainable living practises for everyday living.  

Find Community Garden contacts near you to get involved.

Heritage Group

The Heritage Group of Leichhardt District are often looking for volunteers to assist with the running of the group. Visit the Heritage Group of Leichhardt website for more information.


There are some volunteering opportunities within the Local History section of the library.  Visit the Library Services page of this website for more information

Hannaford Centre

The Hannaford Centre at Rozelle provides weekly programs and activities for older residents. Volunteers with basic computer skills are needed to assist older people, working in small groups, learn computer skills to use email, internet and tablets. Contact the Hannaford Centre on 9810 2536 or  

Volunteering STARS flyerStars

Stars (Skills, Training And Resource Service) is a free service funded to recruit and train volunteers from community based organisations in the Canterbury and Inner West  local Government Areas.

Find out more about:
*Important points to consider before you volunteer
*Volunteer recruitment and registration
*Volunteer rights and responsibilities
*Types of volunteer positions

Also the opportunity to register and assist you to find a volunteer position based on your skills and interests.

Facilitated by STARS Volunteer Recruitment and Training Officer Donna Brunton , Leanne Kelleher Social Support Coordinator

For more information contact STARS 9750 9344 or

If you are interested in volunteering you can also visit the STARS website for more information.